Facade insulation “Weber” — a new word in thermal and acoustic protection of buildings

Фасадная изоляция «Вебер» — новое слово в тепловой и звуковой защите зданий

Today in the construction and modernization of buildings for various purposes are widely used supplementary insulation system and insulation.

They are designed to improve the quality of the property and reduce heat loss, contributing to savings on energy resources. The domestic market presents a large number of similar materials. Special popularity of facade insulation system “Weber”, ideal for Russian conditions, meet local and European norms and quality standards.

Фасадная изоляция «Вебер» — новое слово в тепловой и звуковой защите зданий

Features of facade insulation “Weber”

The material is presented in the format of plates. For their production used Styrofoam and mineral wool, which may be stone or glass. Insulation comes in several forms. This gives consumers the opportunity to choose the option, taking into account the basis for the installation and the type of decorative coating. The company positions the materials for private homes, high-rise buildings, objects of historical value, industrial buildings and other buildings. Each system for insulation consists of a core set of elements, which includes:

• composite plate;
• glue and dowels;
• basic plaster;
• mesh for the reinforcement surface;
• plaster with decorative and protective functions;
• auxiliary components — sealants, profile elements, corners.

The advantages of using insulation from Weber

Products have gained popularity due to the presence of numerous benefits. They consist in these points:

• low thermal conductivity;
• low weight, prevent high loads on the facade;
• ability to rapidly introduce pair;
• limitless decorative possibilities that can be achieved through compatibility of plates with various finishing materials;
• the ability to prevent noise pollution from the street from the neighbors;
• a high level of biological resistance, provide reliable protection against development of fungi, mold and bacteria to grow.

To achieve all these benefits, you must comply with installation rules. To study them in the section advice on installation, which describes the features of the technological processes and provided expert advice. It should be noted that taking into account all requirements of the specified system is able to serve at least 25 years. It will provide optimal conditions for permanent stay in the premises and thanks to her heating costs are reduced several times.