Funeral services to a new level now available to residents of the capital

Ритуальные услуги нового уровня теперь доступны жителям столицы

Changes and improvements across many areas of human life. They touched and services the official city funeral service It is well known to the inhabitants of the capital. To her a spoke when it was necessary to organize the funeral while conducting ritual ceremonies presented high demands.

The company is well cope with their responsibilities, found the approach to different customers, could offer several options of packages of funeral services to choose from and her prices were the best.

However, in order to funeral agents could begin its work and start to organize the farewell ceremony and the relatives of the deceased had to contact them on the phone, to go to the office the funeral home to there, choose the ritual paraphernalia, discuss all the details of the upcoming funeral ceremony. It was not too comfortable.

Now, customers will be able to make sure that the service the funeral service has become more modern, better and convenient for customers.

What has changed in work

• Today the funeral home can provide their services remotely. For this, friends of the deceased, it is sufficient to visit the website of the Agency, and they will be able to find much information about what options might there be a funeral, how much they will cost, how to apply for aid, what category are related to preferential and who can apply for compensation for the funds spent on the funeral ceremony. Thus loved ones can save their time and receive no less comprehensive and complete information than when meeting with an agent of a funeral service
• Funeral ceremony regardless of whether the relatives to cremate the body of the deceased or already look for a place on one of capital cemeteries, involves the use of ritual paraphernalia. Instead of looking for her in Moscow, it is now possible to buy everything online, after close examination of the description of all the goods.

What remained the same in the work

But metrics such as optimal level of service quality and affordable pricing policy, individual approach to each client, high level of service, professionalism of agents funeral service — all this has remained unchanged.

If your house knocked on sorrow and you don’t know how to survive the loss and cope with so many organizational issues associated with the funeral, visit the website You can always count on the support of professionals. They will take the funeral and will support you in difficult moments.