Аршавин навестил детей впервые за 2,5 года

The player finally found the time to communicate with children.

After the divorce with Yulia Baranovskaya (the couple divorced in 2013) career former player of “Arsenal” and “Zenith” did not happen. The athlete back and forth and finally settled in Kazakhstan, where he lives with his girlfriend Alice Catimini and in favour of local football club “Kairat”. In search of a permanent place Arshavin spent 2.5 years and all this time have not seen their children.

Something this like the divorce of Tom cruise and Katie Holmes. After divorce the actor is already three years not seen with adorable daughter Suri, though, and loved her more than anything!

However, children Arshavin was more fortunate. Recently 10-year-old Tom, 8-year-old Ian and 4-year-old Arseniy finally saw the Pope on TV, and live! Andrei arrived in Moscow on business and spent several hours in the company of children presented the gifts, drove to the Park… It has done what needs to be done constantly, but can’t because of the circumstances.

According to the lawyer of Arshavin, Andrey – good dad and loves his children very much, the only reason his rare visits is the distance the player lives in another country and just can’t be around children, it is necessary to communicate by telephone.

“Mr Mescheryakov at any time can afford to retire, just go and do nothing else – shared with “StarHit” his lawyer Pavel Voloshin. But he continues to go on the field, including in order to earn money, half of which regularly pays child support. Lately their relationship has really been some changes for the better. They communicate, and, as far as I know, not only on the phone. Unfortunately, the father and children now living in different countries, so I often visit them Andrew S. just does not have the opportunity.”

In turn, the lawyer of the former wife of Arshavin sees the situation from a slightly different angle.

“I talked with Julia this issue – the reluctance to participate in the education of sons and daughters, – said Alexander Dobrovinsky. One appointment, financial aid is not what kids need. I hope he understands it.

The presenter never let communication kids with dad and was all for it, if he actively participated in their lives.

Perhaps after this meeting, Arshavin, who was last seen Arseny, when he was only 1.5 years, you will understand that too many have missed and will come to the children more often. Still, earnings in the million dollars a year allows you to buy plane tickets every day.

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