Ким Кардашьян оголила грудь для фотосессии

This time not in social networks – paparazzi ambushed a celebrity posing in a sheer top while relaxing in Mexico.

On vacation in the Mexican town of Punta Mita Kim is bored and constantly reminds himself: the buttocks will take video and post the video in Instagram, you will perform a twerk in the pool. And finds time for photo shoots – it was at this point she was almost depicted with bare Breasts when posing to the photographer.

After the photo shoot, Kim went to the tennis court, where, according to witnesses, was wearing a swimsuit, put some oil and started to play tennis, taking a seductive pose. Whether Kim is concerned, in order to win the game, or just showing off for the lenses of the ubiquitous paparazzi, known only to her.

The media personality recently proud, often and willingly posing for photographs, and the reason is highly significant – after all, she managed to lose as much as 30 extra pounds gained during her second pregnancy.

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