5 excuses Ronaldo at parting with friends

5 отмазок Роналду при расставании с подругами

The editors of Woman’s Day remembered the most famous novels of the player and found out that was the reason for their separation.

Gemma Atkinson

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In the distant 2006, when Ronaldo was not yet a Swiss Bank account and mansion for $ 6 million, the player was already greedy for girls. Friends joked about loving athlete. Like, if a girl is not a model or, at worst, not a star of television, it has no chance.

But luxurious blonde Gemma Atkinson he was! British model and actress is not only consistent with the parameters of the lady killer: 90-60-90, but also was famous.

The novel was violent, but short. The pair had been Dating for six months.

The cause of the breakup. Press “dug up” evidence that the actress cheated on Ronaldo with the other. And the long ceremony is not. Found solace in the arms of a new friend.

Nereyda Gallardo

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One of the most famous female footballer, if not to take into account Irina Shayk.

Nereyda long tried to become a model, but all her attempts were not successful. But to surprise handsome she was. First, Gallardo is an avid biker and the girl. Secondly, working in one of the state shelters, while receiving little more than subsistence level. Agree, even a combination…

The cause of the breakup. The athlete was interested in the other. And Nereyda would not pardon treason.

Mirella Grisel

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After the attention of promising players have attracted the Colombian Mirella Grisel. Maybe because it was different from that of previous pass – blond beauties. Dark brown hair with seductive forms held at the Ronaldo a few months.

Friends said that in the early days the guy just lost his head and was ready to get married. And after Mirella admitted that “Ronaldo is as good in bed as on the football field.”

But this romance didn’t last long.

The cause of the breakup. Here the athlete does not differ ingenuity. Found a new girlfriend and waved to the Mirella handle.

Paris Hilton

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In a few years, the athlete started chasing the owner of a multi-million dollar Empire, Paris Hilton. Foreign media believe the pair stayed together for 10 days, after which Ronaldo left his girlfriend alone at the ocean.

The cause of the breakup. Ronaldo didn’t want to relocate. And Paris even more so! Both just had fun.

Irina Shayk

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Player and beauty model met in 2010 on the set of Armani. Ronaldo used to break the hearts of beautiful women of all stripes, immediately hit on Shake. But what certainly did not expect to meet resistance.

Then get the location of beauty was for him a matter of honor! Irina gave up after three months.

Journalists are not just “married” a sweet couple. Here only the real ceremony was postponed until January of 2015, the plans for the wedding had not been canceled completely.

The cause of the breakup. None of the pairs that did not comment. Only girlfriend Shayk somehow blabbed that she was tired of cheating a handsome boyfriend.