Lost in translation: I think we rushed with Ronaldo coming out

Трудности перевода: кажется, мы поспешили с Роналду и каминг-аутом

The public refuses to believe that the Portuguese footballer changed his attitude, and looking for a thousand reasons to prove otherwise.

Monday, November 21, the Russian media trumpeted that Cristiano Ronaldo during a verbal altercation with the midfielder Atletico Madrid Koke admitted that he was gay. And proudly said, “Yeah, I’m gay, but I have a lot of money.”

While the Russian admirers of football wiped the tears and wondered why this happened, Western journalists were trying to find a real justification for the handsome athlete.

First, foreign media statement Ronaldo did not cause any excitement. This drew the attention of the correspondent of TJ. Odd, isn’t it? And all because Western journalists are quite differently translated words players. Spanish dialogue Koke and Ronaldo as follows:

“Koke le llamó maricón” y Cristiano que le respondió: “Maricón, pero con mucha pasta, cabrón”.

So told Ronaldo incident a clash with the midfielder “Atletico” on radio station Cadena Cope.

Spanish word magshop is an insult and is not translated as “gay”, and as obscene its equivalent, used in conversational speech. It turns out that coke is not meant sexual orientation, and called Ronaldo in a word, to print which forbids us media law. But we are sure that you have guessed what it was. So, on the Mat Ronaldo replied too mate. Yes, I am, but I have a lot of dough. Agree, it’s more like a conversation between two boys after the fight. One insulted the other answered. It is unlikely that they seriously discussed the orientation of Cristiano…

That is why the British media as TJ leads, talking about the incident, not used in their articles the words gay or homosexual, and have used a variant of the faggot, which, like magshop considered just obscene insult.

However, there is no smoke without fire. The quarrel of the two players would not have assumed such a resonance, if sexual orientation Ronaldo would not go all sorts of rumors. For example, after breaking up with Irina Shayk, the player regularly visited in Morocco kickboxer Badr Hari, because of what was said that athletes supposedly share much more than just a friendly relationship.

That’s why British tabloid the Sun though did not see the statement Cristiano no come out, still found the attacking player “homophobic”. They say, and suddenly Koke knows more than the others? Well, let’s wait and see.