42-летняя Кейт Мосс закрутила роман с подростком

The new model chosen was the 18-year-old boy.

Who said that only adult men can be held to have a relationship with the very young? The middle-aged ladies sometimes also want “fresh blood”. Here is the supermodel Kate moss chose Boyfriends 18-year-old schoolboy Jake Curtis.

This love story can easily be the basis of cheap erotic novel, or a Brazilian soap series. The heroine as a young woman, befriended a married couple, raising a young son. Time flew like an Intercontinental ballistic missile “Satan”, my son grew by leaps and bounds and turned into a 18-year-old handsome. The heroine, meanwhile, was transformed into a 40-year-old, but still attractive, prosperous supermodel, celebrities. Regular gatherings with close friends, and suddenly her eyes meet with the eyes of their son. Then thunder, lightning and all rely in such cases, the bells and whistles.

And now the ubiquitous paparazzi caught in their lenses her car: the heroine sits behind the wheel, young lover close. They rush toward sunset the scarlet crusade and his happiness.

Insiders of foreign publications claim that the former is the chosen model, 28-year-old count Nicholas von Bismarck dismissed. And his place was taken by more young Jake. The long moss has a weakness for guys much younger than her. This supposedly makes it cool, does not feel like a lady. Sister Curtis is not against such relations. But the boy’s parents do not accept the rumors about their son and friend of the family seriously: “We are pleased that Kate, as an old family friend, watching over Jake, our sweet boy”.

It is worth noting that the Curtis family regularly delivers suitors for Kate moss. Several years ago, the model met up with uncle Jake, the artist Lucien Freud. Yes, and the boy’s father has repeatedly said that crazy Kate. Curtain.

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