Ivan Krasko asks a young wife of child

Иван Краско просит у молодой супруги ребенка

However, the 24-year-old Natalia stops the housing problem. Now, the newlyweds are forced to sleep in the apartment of a grandson.

Wedding 85-year-old national actor Ivan Krasko and his young wife Natalia became the most discussed event last fall. No wonder the age difference of the newlyweds amounted to neither more nor less 60 years!

But the year is young, it seems, managed to convince all the sincerity of the feelings. And Ivan Ivanovich spoke about the children.

“We’re children with Natasha planned”, – said people’s artist, says “StarHit”.

Only now Natalia motherhood while postponing. As it turned out, all because of the housing problem. A young family does not have a shelter. Ivan and Natalia are forced to live in the apartment grandson of Cyril.

But as they say, in close quarters, but not mad… Young enjoying married life, full of humor and irony on himself.

“Sometimes I like to make a Scarecrow, put to bed, cover him with a blanket. Ivan brings coffee, trying to Wake me up, opens the blanket and there I was not. It is interesting to observe his behaviour, plasticity, the expression of the face at the same time. Often come up with such tricks in the country, when nowhere to hurry…” – she laughs.

At the same time Natalia believes Krasko considers her husband quite temperamental person and compares their marital disputes with the explosion of the volcano. The girl even released a collection of poems “Eros” in which the beloved is associated with Zeus.

Recall that this marriage for Krasko became the fourth. Now he’s older sons from a previous marriage – Fedya and Vanya.

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