Эмбер Херд хочет вернуться к бывшей жене

The story of the divorce of the star couple is becoming more intense.

Passions around of the parting of the famous Hollywood couple do not cease even for a minute. The Western media with enviable regularity are treated us with new details and the details of that divorce. Beatings and amount of alimony already discussed. The time has come to talk about future personal life johnny and amber. She seems to have plans to return to his ex-wife!

Эмбер Херд хочет вернуться к бывшей жене

That before her marriage with heard Depp was already hog-tied knot, the press learned recently. However, amber was officially decorated with a young man, and with his girlfriend Tasya van REE. Girls got married in California eight years ago. After the wedding, the actress even took the surname of his passions. In 2012, when new York legalized same-sex marriage, ladies magnificently celebrated their marriage. However, in 2013, this unit of society disintegrated.

Amber filed for divorce and returned to her maiden name. Despite this, the girls continued to chat, even when Hurd was married to Depp. And shared with the former all their joys and sorrows. The friends actress does not rule out the possibility that amber will return to Wang PU, who always understood her.

Meanwhile, the media actively “return” Depp in the bosom of the family, to Vanessa Paradis and children. Who knows, maybe johnny will heed the advice of journalists.

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