Yuri Nikolaev 12 years fighting with cancer

Юрий Николаев 12 лет борется с раком

Host of “the Morning star” admitted that for years opposed to the terrible disease.

We all remember Yuri Nikolaev for such programs from childhood, like “Morning mail”, “Blue light”, “song of the year” and of course “Morning star”. The last transmission this year 25 years old, after which her master and came to the show, “Tonight”, where he shared not only memories, but also a personal tragedy.

It is the “Morning star” revealed to us Vlad Topalov, Yulia Nachalova, Zara, of Prokhor Chaliapin. They came to the show, together with Nikolayev to celebrate the anniversary of “stars”. Celebrities shared memories, looked at their first appearances, the nostalgia, and then…

At the end of the program, always smiling, positive Nikolaev told how he and his wife Eleonora Alexandrovna regret that they have children, how he tried to take the child from the orphanage, but it did not… And that for years he and his wife confront a terrible disease.

“The first time I learned about 12 years ago, then 5 years later, and again. My mom passed away from cancer. Is it related to my cancer, I don’t know. Need to be checked constantly and the slightest suspicion to begin treatment. I am scared, but it is necessary to live,” admitted Yuri Nikolaev, and stressed that talks about it for the first time and go into details not want.

Recall that a few days earlier it became known about the cancer Mikhail Zadornov. The satirist himself spoke of his illness, to dispel all the speculation, and went for treatment.

We wish the actors of strength and a speedy recovery.