Летние коллекции, веганская тушь, маска с муцином улитки и другие новинки

Face mask with snail slime, mascara with vegan composition, marble compact powder and other beauty innovations of the week — about all the most interesting talk in our review.

Vegan mascara Go Big or Go Home, Kat Von D (1 780 rubles)

We love the brand of Kat Von D Beauty for lasting formulas (recall a liner Tattoo liner), rich texture and vegan makeup. Very soon we are waiting for a hot new. At the end of may will be running a presale vegan mascara with extreme volume Go Big or Go Home.

Be the first to rate and try it online Sephora (including online store) and in stores “Ile De Beaute”.

Летние коллекции, веганская тушь, маска с муцином улитки и другие новинки

Founder of the brand kat von D worked on the creation of a new three years. Instead of the usual for most carcass beeswax (it is used for fixing and perming), team Kat Von D added in its composition rice wax, olive oil and sunflower. As a result, the tool not only gives lashes a rich jet black shade, but also caring for them.

Go Big or Go Home an unusual applicator, resembling a round hairbrush. It works almost as well: it gives volume. Another reason for joy — vitality. You can swim, play sports — carcases all uneasy, she will not crumble and will not gather clumps.

Perfume duet Lacoste L. 12.12 French Panache Pour Elle (5 240 rubles For 50 ml) and Pour Lui (4 990 rubles for 50 ml)

Inspired by the iconic Lacoste Polo collection Eau de Lacoste L. 12.12 with two new fragrances for him and her. The new fruit essence, created by Sophie labbé, L. 12.12. French Panache Pour Elle blossoms with notes of bergamot, pink pepper, Jasmine, rose and black currant. In the heart — a chord of pink champagne that seemed to tickle the nose. In the plume — white wood, musk and patchouli.

Летние коллекции, веганская тушь, маска с муцином улитки и другие новинки

L. 12.12 French Panache Pour Lui — Eastern flavor, invented Nelly Hachem-Ruiz, was more fresh and citrus. It opens with notes of Mandarin, cardamom and lemon peel. Warm and unusual chord, inspired by the smell of clay tennis courts, intertwined with a fruity aroma of apples and lavandino. In the plume — sandalwood, patchouli and Narcissus.

Both fragrances are decorated with the logo of a crocodile, like a shirt Lacoste. The bottle design is inspired by the style color block: red and white — for her, Royal blue and white for him.

Летние коллекции, веганская тушь, маска с муцином улитки и другие новинки

Summer collection, Beach Metals, Bobbi Brown (2 200 RUB.)

Hot summer nights inspired expert Bobbi Brown for creating a new limited edition make-up collection. Hence the abundance of warm Golden shades.

The line includes: compact powder Highlighting Powder that gives the skin a glow effect (ideal for Straubing); bronzing powder Bronzing Powder (shade Santa Barbara are easy to replace blush); liquid eye shadow High Shine Liquid Metal Shadows in four shades.

Summer collection Summer Collection Solar Pulse 2019, Givenchy (price on request)

And another collection, celebrating the summer! The art Director of Givenchy makeup, Nicolas Degen offers in the coming season to bet on the combination of coral and blue tint.

Become the owner of a tan as regular beaches Alessandra Ambrosio will help marble compact powder with pearl particles Healthy Glow Powder. It is available in two shades: for lighter skin (No. 2.5 Naturel Rosé) and brown (No. 4.5 Naturel Doré).

Летние коллекции, веганская тушь, маска с муцином улитки и другие новинки

Boring black eyeliner is better to postpone until autumn, and summer — time for bright colors, such as coral and turquoise. Waterproof Khol pencils Couture Waterproof can also be used instead of eyeshadow.

With Golden skin, according to the authors of the collection, will perfectly blend in bright lip gloss’interdit Gloss Vinyl and coral nail Polish No. 14 Vivid Orange.

Moisturizing linaka funds AHC Hyaluronic (2 499 RUB)

Residents of Korea are sure that perfect skin — a result of competently planned care, the key role played by hydration. To verify this you can try tools from the new line AHC Hyaluronic hyaluronic acid. It includes toner, emulsion and cream.

Tonic with rosemary, mint, bergamot and tea tree will remove makeup residue and will soften and moisturize the upper layers of the skin, sdela them more receptive to the subsequent stages in the daily care program.

Hyaluronic emulsion with extracts of Portulaca, licorice and peony moisturize dry, sensitive and dull skin. The final stage — application of the cream with aloe Vera and vitamin E, which helps to maintain Shine. All new stamps you can find in the shops “L’etual”.

Mask sheet snail OMG! Red + Snail Mask, Double Dare (269 rubles)

DoubleDare released a new cool sheet mask (and the budget of the entire line of the brand). The composition of OMG! Red + Snail Mask — snail extracts and eight red plants (roses, beans, camellias, hibiscus, ginseng, tomato, Schizandra berries and pomegranate).

The mask is generously soaked with a viscous serum on the basis of mucin, so tight to the skin, but it absorbs without residue and leaves no sticky layer upon drying.

Летние коллекции, веганская тушь, маска с муцином улитки и другие новинки

The tool promises to intensely moisturize the skin, soothe inflammation, restore radiance and even skin tone. And I want to take a selfie in the style of red blooded woman and post it in Instagram”

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