Robbie Williams the Botox obezdwijivanie face

У Робби Уильямса из-за ботокса обездвижилось лицо

42-year-old singer is suffering for beauty shots: Robbie’s not moving her forehead.

Yes, men too want to be forever young and beautiful, so we often witness how star handsome trying to get rid of 10-15 years.

However, not all of these experiments end successfully (all I remember metamorphosis with the appearance of Mickey Rourke?), and many men are not ready for the “responsibility” for the consequences of, for example, from Botox injections!

And Robbie Williams, it seems, did not expect that in the pursuit of beauty will be deprived of an important part of his image – expressions.

“I received injections of fillers and Botox, which now can’t move my forehead. I also slightly changed the shape of the chin,” admitted 42-year-old singer. Yes, we noticed, Robbie! In the pictures from the latest concerts, you can see what emotions shows Williams, and only the forehead it remains immobilized.

“A few months ago I got on a strict diet and it worked for five days I lost three kilograms. But seven days later I woke up and realized that next to me grapes and some peanut butter. I was very surprised, because they do not eat them. The next morning I found crumbs. I then somehow woke up in the night, digging in the refrigerator, as he did all night before that,” added Robbie Daily Mail.

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Recall that recently upset the audience with his statement: the famous singer admitted that he no longer will be able to delight the audience with their dancing. 42-year-old singer announced that he will not be able to arrange a great show with dancing due to the fact that the experts diagnosed him with arthritis.