Ksenia Sobchak reduces pregnant belly in photoshop

Ксения Собчак уменьшает беременный живот в фотошопе

TV presenter and journalist have used the editor to slightly adjust the shape.

Ksenia Sobchak is in her last month of pregnancy. This time, the hardest thing for women your figure already has changed, you can neither sit properly nor sleep, nor walk. Big belly is not to hide, nor an outfit, nor a good pose. No wonder Sobchak, like any other normal woman, concerned about this. At a recent presentation in Atelier Moscow, commenting on a new collection, Ksenia gave their experience, exclaiming: “Soon ka-and-AK will lose weight as will buy all you have!”

It is therefore quite understandable that at least for photography Xenia has decided to fix the figure. Maybe tired of the shots where the main character action – her belly. Maybe he decided that cool biker onions are very compatible with pregnancy. But with the picture that made the weekend out of town, she was a little pohudela.

Perhaps this fact would have remained unnoticed if not for “to go” on the left column. Zigzag to perpendicular to the ground surface formed in the abdominal area.

However, different surfaces, not wishing to enter the position of the stars gave not one celebrity. At the time to lose weight with this program was trying Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and many Russian celebrities. Kim Kardashian after one exposure even hired a professional fotoshopera for 100 thousand dollars. But they all wanted to correct imperfections in the shape, pregnancy this definition does not include.

You cannot assume that it hurts Ksenia Sobchak, but it is obvious that the number of its fans grows in direct proportion to the abdomen. Many have said that with pregnancy the journalist was softer and more feminine, and even bloomed outside.

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