You won’t believe this: marriage conquers cancer!

Ты не поверишь: брак побеждает рак!

Researchers from the University of California concluded that people who are in the Union, more chances to win in the fight against cancer.

Having aimed to find out who effective in fighting cancer – singles or couples, researchers from the University of San Diego examined about 800 patients are registered in the dispensaries between 2000 and 2012.

During the study experts found that people who are not married, the chances of dying are much higher – at 24% singles and 17% of single women!

The main factor here is not financial, as many may think. Yes, the couple for two money, usually more, but still it’s not in material things.

Scientists believe that a key role is played by support from the spouse. Loved one does not give its second half to fall into depression reminds one of the doctor visits, the medication doses. That is, the care works wonders and helps to cope with such a severe disease like cancer.

A more detailed examination of the results of the luminaries of science found that race and ethnicity also contribute. It turned out that the Union of two people is more effective in the fight against the disease, if it is not about marriage of people of Latin American origin. Over this unexpected conclusion scientists have yet to break down, and while they tend to believe that the support of friends and family members can make a significant contribution to the recovery of lonely people.

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