Be the coach: why you need a mentor in the gym

Стань моим тренером: зачем нужен наставник в спортзале

Surely you often offered when buying a ticket to the first session with a trainer. However, once there is so many “but”. Columnist Woman’s Day decided to find out, why still need a personal trainer.

A few years ago, when I came in to the gym, my plan was to visit the gift first training session, well, maybe take a couple more for your money, a quick delve into all the details and then have to do on their own – that there difficult? I was lucky – just got to the good coach (and how to choose – we had a separate article), and I’m still not able to part with it.

Regularly visit him twice a week, and, moreover, when he retired from the fashion club moved for him in a simple gym.

Why need a coach? Many elementary boring to do alone, and need someone who will force you to do the exercises, motivate. Besides, if there is a preliminary agreement to classes at a specific time, is disciplined, and less reasons to shirk. In conditions of economic crisis when all the money and monitor costs, such arguments seem rather dubious to me personally, but they have a right to exist. If you are already the person responsible and disciplined, then let’s discuss what practical benefit will bring you personal training.

First, for different goals (slimming, create relief, increased stamina) workout are built differently. And exercises are often the same, but they are arranged to your specific problem, separate training, supersets, circular, interval – will give you different results.

Secondly, of course, the technics of performance of exercises. If you are confident that you know how to correctly perform the exercise and there is a mirror, is one thing. If you are new, you haven’t developed muscle memory and no mirrors, is quite another. Even if you think that doing everything right is not always the case. Simple: move your hand/leg/body a few inches, and will be working all other muscles. Working with serious weights even traumatic, and the technique in this case is extremely important!

Not all exercises will work the first time. Often newcomers have to learn even simple sit-UPS. And the coach knows how to push you to perform basic exercises to prepare and strengthen the necessary muscles.

The same applies to adapt the exercises specifically for you. If you have any medical or physiological restrictions, not all exercises you can be performed in its original form. How to relieve stress from the area that it is undesirable to use, and send it to the right place, again tell the coach.

It is clear that the pleasure is not cheap. But no one forces you to hire a coach every time you go to the gym. If you want to save, you can take a few workouts in a row to remember what exercise is like running, and then hire a coach from time to time. For example, to agree on drafting a training program that you will perform yourself. Mentor it is possible to hire every two weeks or month, depending on your ability. In these times he will see your technical progress and adjust the lesson plan for a further period.

You can buy a block of ten and more workouts. In this case, during one training session, you will pay less. For example, individual task is worth 2 thousand rubles, and the unit of ten – thousand 17 Only please note that such blocks, generally limited in time, and those workouts that you will not have time to retreat, “burn”.

Another way to save money, if you workout in your club are too expensive. Gently ask the coach, maybe he trains elsewhere, in private and for a different amount. In this case, and you are good (just don’t forget to count up the entrance to new hall and other ancillary costs), and coach (because in a club it gets about 30% of the classes). I know for example friends, that sometimes is cheaper twice.

You productive workouts!

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