Irina Dubtsova was urgently hospitalized

Ирина Дубцова была срочно госпитализирована

Experts suspect the singer a mild stroke.

8 April Dubtsova, the concert was held in Gomel: the singer sang 4 songs and during the performance she became ill. As it turned out, Irina began acute bronchospasm – Allergy attack which experts stopped the medication.

On his return to Moscow, Irina immediately went to the clinic for examination.

“For many years, Irina has a severe Allergy to bloom, – told Woman’s Day PR-the Director of star Roman Petrukhin. – When nature is in Moscow starts to come to life, Ira with her son, who has allergies, is leaving the country. She got sick before the concert, thought we were, but no.

I had to take medications that cause side effects. Choosing between the risk of life and side effects of drugs, she chose the latter. She managed to sing four songs, then the drug showed themselves. From outside could seem that she’s drunk, but it’s not. She had to stop performing and to urgently go to the hospital.

Now, she is there, he is examined. Doctors check everything, even the cardiovascular system of the singer: there is a suspicion of stroke, a condition in which, incidentally, is very similar to alcohol intoxication”.

Recall that on the same day at a concert in Petersburg BKZ “October” Sergey Lazarev suddenly lost his balance and threw himself collapsed on stage than pretty scared of fans.

The return of the idol auditorium waited 40 minutes, but to no avail: the microphone Sergei did not come out, citing poor health, though, and apologized to his disappointed fans. More precisely, his words conveyed to the public the staff of touring teams.

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