Yevgeny Mironov was brought to tears on shooting

Евгения Миронова довели до слез на съемке
The actor told how he made the swim in the icy water.

Yevgeny Mironov


Yevgeny Mironov admitted that he made the swim in the icy water in the film “the Carp frostbitten” with emotion. “There is such a dramatic story that I could not hold back the sobs when I read the script,” says the actor. That is why, Mironov worked on the painting with a renewed enthusiasm. And when it seemed to him that bathing would be appropriate to look at the frame, Eugene hesitate jumped into the water. “There was knee-deep, — the actor smiles. But under the General laughter the Director told me to swim on.”

The plot of the film “Carp crazies” really touches the depths of your soul.

Elena (Marina Neyolova) lives modestly in retirement
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