Дмитрий Борисов и Пелагея установили новые рекорды
On the First channel summed up the year.

Дмитрий Борисов и Пелагея установили новые рекорды


From TV channels like all other people: in the end
of the year to look back and take stock, to remember the UPS and downs,
good luck and defeat.

This year in the first place by the number of hits — parade to
Victory day, which showed on the First channel on may 9. Stream parade
the leader of the last few years. The second line in the top twenty most
popular programs got the news. The information program “Time” —
the oldest program of the national TV celebrates 50-year anniversary. Probably habit
to turn on the TV at 21.00 for half a century, many have turned into a reflex. But
talent show “the best!” appeared recently, but despite her young
age, it also became leaders and has set a record year
remaining the highest-rating TV show
in Russia for 15 consecutive weeks.

Thanks to the popularity of “the best!” thousands of
parents rushed to cram with children capital of the world, to teach poetry of the Silver age
and attacked the mugs of mental arithmetic in the hope to grow from your
offspring star. Although there is, of course, success is impossible to calculate. By and large
account, the audience is no matter what talent show kids – quickly
put in the mind, or catching up on the fingers. The most popular became
rooms where children just stayed by themselves, were the direct
and funny. Remember the little cook Pauline Simon, who was afraid of
flying camera crane, shouted “Dinosaur!” and hid under the table? Or
Senkino two-year Arina from Orenburg, who first cried, then
called Maxim Galkin “wacky uncle”, well, at the end hastily told
he Phone Chukovsky, if only he soon released her to her mother.

lazy last summer have not discussed the transfer of Andrei Malakhov from the First channel to
the second button. Dared to take the place of Malakhov Dmitry Borisov-wishers
predicted a quick end to a career, and zero ratings. However, Borisov did not disappoint.
Talk show “Let them talk” is among the ten most popular programs. Maximum
the number of spectators gathered in front of the screens in the beginning of December, when in one of
releases “Let them talk” to figure out whether Spartaka Mishulina illegitimate son.
There are more projects, which rests on the personality
host. Talk show “Let them talk” like a good boat
has been successfully ploughing the waves of a television broadcast, regardless of who is on
the bridge.

Dmitry Borisov