Бритни Спирс готовится стать «дважды тетей»
Jamie Lynn Spears is expecting her second child.

Бритни Спирс готовится стать «дважды тетей»

Britney Spears


Jamie Lynn with her daughter


26-year-old sister of Britney Spears — Jamie Lynn announced the news
she was again expecting a child. “My daughter Maddie will finally get a younger sister
or brother. The following year I decided to dedicate to his family, so publicly
will not appear too often. And I’m going to continue to work on
my music…” wrote the younger Spears, who also became a singer as her
sister, although, of course, is not so popular.

The child bears Jamie Lynn, will become the second — both for herself, so
and for her husband, actor and businessman Jamie Watson. As for older
daughters sister Spears, Maddie now
9 years. We will remind: last year the family experienced a terrible shock —
Maddie almost died. Riding gave her the Quad, she fell in the pond and
was under water for a few minutes. Just miraculously landed on
medical helicopter brigade “first aid” managed to revive the child. But
and then the girl’s life a couple of days hung in the balance. Fortunately and
delight the entire family, including
Maddie loves her aunt Britney daughter Jamie was able to fully restore
their health.

As for Britney, she has managed to comment on news of
pregnant Jamie Lynn: “Yes, Maddie will be a big sister! I’m so happy for all your
family! I love you guys!!!” Now Jamie will catch up with her older sister, after all
Britney has two children. In his
second marriage with Kevin Federline pop star gave birth to two sons. Senior Sean
now 12 years old and younger Jaden – 11.