Без прикрас: Виторган показал как Собчак выглядит дома

Maxim Vitorgan published is not the most successful photo Ksenia Sobchak, and they all liked it!

Oh, those husbands! Tarzan showed Natasha the Queen is not in the best light, now and Maxim Vitorgan photographed wife in housecoat and Slippers.

But, here’s how it happens, wear the best and you snort in trail…And not get cleaned up and catch a lot of admiring glances.

It seems the days when women, and even more stars have all day to be in the parade in the past. Now not that it’s not appreciated as a natural beauty.

Itself Ksenia is unlikely to be shared like a photo without the hair, makeup, robe and spacious home ballet flats. But her husband decided that a charm is simply impossible to hide and signed the words: “light And color”, showed the world home Sobchak.

And you know what? Xenia, which is a bit of makeup, heels and dresses from the latest couture collection, got so many compliments to count!

“Urgently hug and kiss!”, – advised Maxim.

“I love Ksenia for the mind, talent, and most importantly, she’s real!”, “Ksenia, you’re beautiful,” – wrote and write network users.

And some fans home Xenia reminded of Bridget Jones.

Many agreed that such photos need to have the inner freedom is a quality quite rare nowadays and Sobchak and Vitorgan it is.

Agree, today is a rare girl decides to show what she looks like when just got out of bed, right? And nothing to be ashamed of. If Sobchak is not afraid of criticism, then why should we – those who do not run paparazzi to go out for bread in full make-up on “louboutins”?

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