Идеальные женщины: Летучая, Темникова и Куркова в купальниках

What unites the leading, singer and actress? In this case, the shapes are so perfect that it is a sin not to show.

While in Moscow of pouring rain, somewhere in the Seychelles presenter, Elena Temnikova, ravshana Kurkova and Irena Ponaroshku participate in a photo shoot for lingerie brand, sunbathe, swim, lay out pictures in bikinis and make men crazy.


First in the spotlight was the ex-host of “Revizorro”. Lena Flying 37 years, and she’s so fit!

Red bikini with a revealing bodice just blew everyone away. Even the girls did not hesitate in expressions and wrote: “What Breasts, what Breasts!” Yes, there really is something to see.

However, do not think that such forms is solely a gift of nature. Lena regularly engaged in the hall with the coach. And when a busy schedule doesn’t allow to escape to the gym, Volatile squats. But even that is not all. Lena, in principle, leads a very active lifestyle: if resting in the winter, ski if he goes to sea, becomes on the surf. While in the Seychelles that’s a lot of floats.

Elena Temnikova

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Demonstrated a perfect shape and a young mother Elena Temnikova. In March last year the singer gave birth to a daughter, Alexandra, and now it looks like I wasn’t ever pregnant at all! Tight abs, slender legs… it is urgent to find out how she did it!

Ravshana Kurkova

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35-year-old Ravshan Kurkova from friends in show business is not far behind. Actress genetics, luck, nature gave her perfect proportions – ample bosom, wasp waist and graceful hips. Imagine how cool she looks in a swimsuit!

“How can you be so beautiful?!” – asking subscribers Ravshan. Here it happens when one girl goes all at once.

Irena Ponaroshku

Another owner of a gorgeous body, a leading Irena Ponaroshku – growing five-year-old Seraphim. Looking at pictures of her in the swimsuit and say that this stroinski have a child.

Steel press Irena and pumped hip is not a gift of nature, and something that leading have been working hard in the gym. Every day she holds the bar for fifteen minutes.

By the way, to get back in shape after giving birth the star has not been easy. Recently Irena has revealed the secret of how she did it.

“So you understand that the topic of postpartum recovery is not escaped me. This photo of the Seraphim already 10-11 months, and I’m still preggers and seven extra pounds. I confess, I was sure that immediately after birth will be like a girl. And could not believe that here it is all someone else’s, large, loose, very heavy not going anywhere. And waited, and waited, and when it’s all dissolve, melt… But the miracle never happened. Weight began to decline only when I started to count calories and to do. As a result, in the form I came only when the Fimka age of 2 years. And all these 2 years I was terribly unhappy with myself, how clothes fit, how I look in photos… So I have no pictures of that period is that pulled the freeze frame from the video. Know someone after birth +25 kg and im funny my problem. But I was not at all funny. Thank God, I did not “Instagram” and I didn’t see all these mothers who give birth to live standing in the bar with six-pack abs, otherwise I would have sunk to the bottom of the postpartum depression. Don’t know if I can do it next time faster to get in shape, if I can find the motivation and will power…” – wrote the leader.

Browsing through the pictures from the Seychelles, you can only say one thing: motivation Irena all right, and we should all take her example.

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