Naked Volochkova: now and in the mud

Голая Волочкова: теперь и в грязи

The ballerina once again shocked the public, this time from the clothes she was only mud.

Anastasia Volochkova fit to give the award for the most spectacular photos in the Nude. We’ve seen a naked selfie, she in a dress without underwear. Now the ballerina went on. What bra? And cover and show nudity can at the same time, if you put on just dirt!

Now Volochkova is on tour in Crimea, where not only working, but also resting. Brought her to a local Spa. Is there a reason once again to show all their charms, and at the same time to answer angry subscribers?

The way Nastya has chosen spectacular and made the real dirty dancing posted myself naked, covered head to toe in mud. Just a real black Swan!

“Fright, my dear. After all spitting dirt at me my haters and detractors, believe me, no other dirt except for Saki to me, I will cling! Remember that the dirt in me trying to quit, I can not fly… But in the hands of the thrower remains by far! Smile and live happy and positive! As I am!” – wrote Nastya.

Of course, subscribers could not pass up such a challenge. Some dubbed Volochkova new Mystic from X-Men”. Others complained that once the bra is removed, to desire nothing, and was not interested. But most fans were interested in another question – who is the author of all these photos?

The ballerina has not responded yet. It is not excluded that behind every naked photo was hiding her favorite people, who did not see overt displays of beauty nothing wrong with that.

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