Не позволим вам спать на старом диване!

We exist in order to create not only a luxurious, but comfortable furniture!

A bit of history

SCFM company is an absolute leader on the territory of Stavropol region. Due to its reliability, durability and a particularly attractive design, the production of our furniture company is extremely in demand outside the region.

Within 10 years , the company SCPM firmly rests in the furniture market! We had to go before we have achieved the current level of business. In the beginning, we, like many other companies, had to face high competition. But we quickly managed to win their customers! And all thanks to a certain, exquisite style, which aged finish of our furniture. In addition, in those difficult for many Russian furniture companies times, it was believed that imported furniture better domestic. While prevailing most of the factories have churned out cheap furniture poor quality, we immediately made a serious emphasis on the level corresponding to the European quality. We manufacture products only with the use of modern technology. So, won the trust of our customers! Years go by, and the number of clients is growing at graduation. And we are not standing still.

Не позволим вам спать на старом диване!

Why buy furniture in the company SFM?

Environmentally friendly.

We care about the environment and worried about the health of our customers. Therefore, in the production we use only eco-friendly materials.
Used in the production of quality, natural materials allows us to create durable and reliable furniture. Nubuck and genuine leather, this is the most first-class materials, using today active demand. In addition, among mattresses for beds, you’ll also find models that scored natural fillers.
To create a Cabinet furniture, we also use only eco-friendly raw materials such as natural wood and veneer. When you create the furniture used MDF. The main primary quality of these plates is that furniture made from this material are not affected by fungi, and decomposition due to the effect of any microorganisms. This makes it safe and hygienic.

High-quality production.

We adhere to the European quality standards. This means that we use the most modern equipment. After all, good furniture and equipment — a guarantee of reliability and quality of furniture. Thanks to this technology, we are able to produce safe and comfortable furniture. Our company has always carried out product inspection at each stage of production.

Не позволим вам спать на старом диване!

Attentiveness to customer requirements.

Qualified team of our employees is the heart of our company! They receive special training and provide you high class service. You will appreciate the professionalism of our consultants, when you purchase the furniture in our showroom.

Inexpensive prices.

Sale of furniture is carried out without intermediaries, this significantly affects the low price of the product. Buyers are in possession of a limited budget, will find furniture with a beautiful design and good quality. Everyone can buy cheap furniture directly from the manufacturer!


We offer our customers a wide selection of furniture in many different price brackets. You can always buy furniture for the bedroom, kitchen or living room. The style of our products that combines elements of Royal luxury and perfection of the Renaissance. No wonder this style remains relevant for several centuries. Despite the inherent magnificence, and our furniture is comfortable to use. You will certainly feel like a king, resting comfortably in the bedroom, “Kasandra”, where each item is made with careful detail. And in the kitchen “Marlene” you will feel imbued with romanticism atmosphere that fills you with peace and make you protected from pesky problems. Read the product of our company in the directory on our website, where you will definitely find something to their liking. Also, you can buy the furniture in bulk both online and offline mode.

Today, the process of selecting furniture for the home, has become much easier than before. Now the overwhelming majority of buyers want to use the Internet in order to examine the goods at home before final purchase. It’s really very convenient — in remotely to pick out the right on the desired parameters of the bed or would suit a dressing table.

The North Caucasian factory of furniture knows the right service! We provide our clients, the ability to preview furniture in our online catalog, as well as, a detailed consultation with our specialists on the phone.