Новая услуга Алюминстрой. Фрезеровка кассет из композита.

Aluminum composite panel is a modern facing material for facades of buildings. To carry out installation of the facade of this material, of the sheets forming the facade cassettes, which subsequently sheathe the facade of the building.

As the largest Russian manufacturer of aluminum composite panels, company Alyuminstroy not forget about the convenience for their customers. Now the client can not only by composite material but also to order the cutting and milling of aluminium composite panels and finally to the finished product — the facade cassettes of the composite.

Новая услуга Алюминстрой. Фрезеровка кассет из композита.

Cutting and milling of the composite is performed on a high-precision dual-spindle CNC machine with working table size 2000×4100 mm Work is done by qualified millers are familiar with this material, and thus the client will receive the finished product of a composite of just-in-time and high quality. Large work table of a milling machine allows you to work with large leaves and large enough to produce products made of composite. Own delivery service will bring the finished product to your door.

Many customers have already appreciated the convenience of this service. Reduced logistics costs, which bought the composite — there and cut and got ready facade cassettes. Milling of aluminum composite panels by hand — it’s more expensive, and the quality of the finished product turns out so-so.

Alyuminstroy offers its services in cutting, milling of the composite and the production of finished facade cassettes from aluminum composite panels of own production. During the long years of work in the market of building materials we have accumulated extensive experience with composite material, which allows to fulfill orders of any complexity and in time.

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