Пока мы спали: Волочкова выложила два новых шпагата

Ballerina does not lose time in vain, and sends his fans a new footage from Greece.

Recently Anastasia had gone on holiday to Greece. The first days were surprisingly calm. The ballerina showed the grounds, sharing a modest staff from the pool. And cost us to lose vigilance, and has no special interest to scroll through her feed on Instagram, as you – two splits per night.

“I haven’t pleased you with my twine, – said Volochkova. – It perfectly fitted on the pier of our hotel.”

It turns out that Anastasia is not without a sense of humor. Know because of what reaction it splits, and instead of having to stop to photograph them, decided to increase their volume. Now two splits in a few hours!

“My team reports that many can’t handle my gifts, Maybach, armfuls of white roses, my success, my projects, my kids, luxury vacations, etc… – reads the caption under the second acrobatic number. – My suns, well, you’ll forgive me — I have deserved it! So, here’s my spagatik next on a small boat.And a glass of champagne for you raised. Moet&Chandon rose. Be kind, and maybe you, too, will love!”

Most fans of the ballerina support her and admire her skills. “If I could so easily sit on twine, in all conditions!” – write some. Really, Anastasia, it’s time to create master-class “How to get the splits.” Bet your wishing will not rebound.

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