Бунт на корабле: новая коллекция лаков для ногтей от Essie

The Shimmer Brights collection, dedicated to the party on the boat, you can find the most daring summer shades from lemon yellow to ultraviolet.

In this season of the popular American brand Essie is celebrating a big anniversary – 1000 exit-go shade nail Polish. They became lemon-yellow color with brilliant Shine that is perfect for summer days in the city and seaside resorts. Of course, the hero of the day appeared not alone, but surrounded by no less bold, saturated colors. When you create a palette the experts of the brand was inspired by a cruise theme and imagined a loud party on the yacht. Emerald green, pink, orange, purple and celadon – wear them separately or mix to taste. The names of the polishes speak for themselves: “Hooligan”, “helm”, “DJ on the boat”, “Star on stage” and others. There is no doubt that confined to the beach season, the Shimmer Brights collection will delight lovers of bright nail Polish. To check out the new shades and choose your favorite in the salons of “Fingers”.

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