Sergei Safronov was seriously injured during a stunt

Сергей Cафронов серьезно пострадал во время трюка

Popular magician and TV presenter was urgently operated on in St. Petersburg.

The incident happened during a rehearsal when the Safronov brothers perfected a new trick. One of the trio – Sergey – something went wrong, and 15-cm needle, which he uses in the demonstration of the trick, suddenly broke. In the belly of the artist left a sharp piece of metal.

Fortunately, the ambulance arrived on time and the illusionist were immediately taken to one of St. Petersburg clinics. At the same time Sergey was conscious and even tried to joke on his page on Instagram.

“Hurried and not able to prepare your favorite trick. Sitting, waiting to be cut,” said the magician in the social network and gave the news a “safe” hashtag #deputyassociate.

Of course, fans of the brothers Safronov alarmed not a joke. After all, the photo posted in social networks is their idol, was impressive: a huge needle stuck in the body of the magician, blood-stained cotton wool… the illusionist were flooded with wishes for a speedy recovery.

Sergey torment waiting the good news of his admirers did not.

“Friends, nothing happened! On my body for another 5 stitches! – boasted Sergey. – We will live! Prepare a new spectacular show!!!”.

So, no fear: the program dangerous stunts only spurs illusionists.

“Yes we’re mad at all! We have help there, we are the real crazy! – said Sergei in an interview with Woman’s Day. – Each of us must take risks to complete the program, then it will delight the viewer. And my brother and I set ourselves one of the main tasks is to shock the audience! Yes, in the twenty-first century to surprise the audience… difficult But possible, and we do it every night. And then in my kitchen the mother-in-law persuades quietly: “Sergey, well, let, something, brothers are already making room “Trap” instead of you, your wife and daughter!”

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