Какой паркет лучше

The term “parquet” is increasingly assumed to be different types of floor coverings: laminate, parquet, engineering, solid wood, PVC tiles etc.. So to answer the question, which floor is better, it becomes difficult. It can be done only after assessing the properties and primary characteristics of each option and on this basis to choose the best kind of floor under specifically defined purpose.
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Какой паркет лучше

By what criteria is selected flooring

In the interest of saving and rational spending of funds, buyers should decide for what purpose and in what areas will be laid parquet. The parquet is divided into classes:
— commercial;
— semi-commercial.

Each of these classes is characterized by durability, strength, environmental friendliness and safety for human health. Based on the tasks, the preferred option is changed in one direction or another:

1. If the main criterion is abrasion resistance, leading position in the laminate. It is a wide range available on the market, versatile, practical to use and not fussy to care for. In areas with high traffic and loads, it is desirable to put a coating 33-34 class. This flooring is able to guarantee a long service life, resistance to external impacts, and preservation of the decorative layer.

Natural types of flooring is less durable under prolonged exposure to loads of the surface is erased. However, their advantage is the possibility of restoration. For example, a parquet Board, covered with oil, after a certain period of time can again be covered with oil.

2. Natural quality, luxury and exclusive design.
Here with a significant advantage wins Board. In the structure there is a natural wood, which is processed in a special way: toned, brachiums (sample of soft tissue, allowing deeper structure), or covered with varnish or oil to preserve a natural look. Different types of boards differ in configuration and dimensions. Parquet Board has a longer and wider lamellae, and massive engineering of the smaller format.

Какой паркет лучше

3. Cost.
If the question of economy is sharply, then you should give preference to laminate all types flooring it is less expensive. To see the catalogue and prices available here: https://seal-parket.ru/catalog/laminat/. But it is understood that cheap laminate flooring will not last a long time and will soon require replacement. For the rationality of investment it is advisable to buy laminate more expensive, it will last longer, or pick up floorboard.

4. Often there is a desire to produce the flooring in one level, but the configuration and characteristics of the premises do not allow you to use one type of flooring. For example, the best floor finish in the kitchen is considered to be granite, but its thickness together with the adhesive solution is about 20 mm. In this case, it is problematic to mount the laminate, as it has a similar height (maximum 14 mm), even in combination with the substrate. For such purposes suitable array, its thickness, on average, is 18 mm.

5. Coverage for a child’s room.
There are a number of areas, including children, requires selection of safe and natural materials. According to criteria selected and the flooring. It should be reliable, resilient, resistant to stress and mechanical stress, but the most environmentally friendly. In this case, preferred are flooring or floor covering made from cork. You can also choose the laminate, but only those collections that have the certificate “Blue angel”. This certificate confirms the high standards of safety and absence of risk to human health.

Какой паркет лучше

6. Coating for kitchen and hallway
These types of areas characterize the frequent ingress of water on floor surface, for example, when the corridor put your street shoes in the kitchen fly drops when washing dishes, or something gets spilled. It is therefore recommended that the laying of water-resistant coatings, suitable: granite, Kurzweil, moisture-proof laminate. Wooden floor with intensive use will lose the original appearance, you need to update.

Какой паркет лучше

7. The method of installation.
Type of installation depends on the type of connection between the slats themselves. According to this criterion flooring is divided into the castle and glue. Parquet with lock easy to installation process and provides the minimum amount of time, despite the amount of space. Choosing flooring adhesive, you should use the services of professional masters, so as to bond the boards to the base with the necessary experience and skills.

Какой паркет лучше

8. Lifetime
All types of flooring designed for different life. The most durable: granite, Kurzweil and natural flooring, which is glued and must be sanding (i.e., you can upgrade it several times). Laminate and castle Board after 10-20 years (depending on usage) may undergo visible external changes: scratches, dents, etc., to restore which will not be possible, so they will have to change to a new one. To disassemble the benefit of “floating floor” will be easy.

With parquet, you can solve any tasks, while the appearance of the floor will be a great addition, and some of the projects and the focus of the interior. All types available on the market have different characteristic sets that allows you to make the best choice among the variety of flooring.