Нюансы выбора: паркетная, инженерная и массивная доска

What is the flooring? It’s nice and warm and natural feel of wood under bare feet. This is the interior, which over the years loses its appeal and becomes a noble comfort. It’s comfort, durability and style that never goes out of fashion. However, the choice of modern flooring so broad that without more information, choose flooring that will fit in the interior, and in the budget, and will delight you for years to come, not so easy. All modern flooring is not just wooden boards but multi-layered design with a lot of nuances. We have prepared for you a quick and easy cheat sheet that will help you not to get lost in broad daylight and demonstrates the pros and cons of the most popular types of modern flooring.

Нюансы выбора: паркетная, инженерная и массивная доска
Engineering Board Ashton

Parquet Board

Parquet is a layer cake, the bottom of which perpendicular to each other is the basis of pine or other inexpensive wood, and the upper 3-4 mm is more valuable breeds of a tree. Can be laid as glue, and floating method, in the latter case it will be enough substrate with a thickness of only 2 mm. In contrast to laminate, parquet Board — a completely natural material and much more durable.

Нюансы выбора: паркетная, инженерная и массивная доска
Chocolate wooden Board under the wax Hajnowka Oak Capre R

The advantages of wood flooring:

  • natural eco-friendly material;
  • you can use even in institutions;
  • can be laid without glue, quickly and inexpensively;
  • suitable for temporary installation;
  • glueless laying provides greater acoustic comfort;
  • a wide range of textures and colors;
  • affordable cost;
  • looks no different from the array.

Disadvantages of wood flooring:

  • scraping it isn’t always possible and a layer of noble wood can survive only 1-2 scraping;
  • when laying floating method is greatly complicated by its repair;
  • when laying floating method does not give such a feeling of hardness, as an array, can be a little bounce under foot and tapping.

Engineering Board

Engineering wood flooring has appeared on the market relatively recently, but has already proven itself. It is a hybrid of a parquet Board and the array and is layered structure where the top layer is 3-4 mm solid wood of valuable species, and the lower plywood. However, plywood is not so simple: the alternating direction of fibers in it gives additional strength and provides greater stability than that of the array.

Нюансы выбора: паркетная, инженерная и массивная доска
Chocolate engineering Board under the wax Hajnowka Oak Capre R

The engineering Board is distinguished by simplicity of installation compared to an array: it can be installed on plywood, screed, and even Underfloor heating. However, some manufacturers produce engineering Board lock glueless installation, however, in domestic conditions with rapid changes in humidity and temperature, it is not the best solution. Definitely better choose the adhesive method of installation.

The advantages of engineered flooring:

  • the most stable kind of flooring by gluing;
  • affordable cost;
  • reliability is not inferior to the array;
  • can be placed on the “warm floor”;
  • no different from the array the appearance and tactile qualities.

Cons of engineered flooring:

  • stand only a few tsiklevok;
  • when poor-quality manufacturing can easily crack.

Solid wood

Massive Board — veteran market flooring. It is a wide and long strips, in comparison with the traditional parquet made entirely from precious wood and is suitable for those who want the flooring laid down for the ages. The top layer may be treated with wax or varnish decorative that gives additional decorative solutions.

Нюансы выбора: паркетная, инженерная и массивная доска
Brown varnished solid wood Hajnowka Oak Carmelo

Entirely natural wood perfectly “sounds” on the floor and you’ll be a very special natural energy. At your disposal as nicely toned varieties of wood and any design whim: toning, various options varnishes, artificial ageing, incrustation, staining and more. The thickness of solid wood allows you to create decors that are inaccessible to puff designs.

Advantages of solid wood:

  • maximum comfort;
  • durability, will withstand a lot tsiklevok and serve your grandchildren;

Disadvantages of solid wood:

  • high cost;
  • long and expensive installation
  • mounting on a thick layer of plywood or on a special substrate, and with a lot of glue;
  • it is difficult to observe single floor level in combination with other materials;
  • sensitive to the choice of household chemicals;
  • a thick layer of natural wood with changes in temperature and humidity in the winter can let a lot of cracks.

If you want to more clearly understand the difference of different types of flooring, please note on reliable manufacturers in the line which is represented by all three main varieties. These requirements are met, for example, the Polish brand “Hajnowka”, the products of which will allow you to compare how it will look and feel the flooring of light oak parquet option, engineered and solid wood.

Solid wood natural oil Hajnowka Oak Classic

All versions of the parquet floors are beautiful, environmentally friendly and natural material, differing only in the ratio of valuable and cheap wood, the options for styling and care. For example, in the floorboard of the ratio of softwood to a valuable tree will be approximately 20% to 80%, while we still talking about this tree, and you get to decorate the interior with natural parquet without the extra cost and hassle of installation.