Новинки в модельном ряду котлов «Лемакс»

Russian manufacturer of “lemax” has launched two new series of gas floor standing boilers Clever and Wise.

The model features modern ergonomic design and has a large range of functionality.

In a series of Clever presents boiler equipment with capacity of 20-55 kW, designed for use in closed and open systems with pressure up to 3 bar. The device has received reliable heat exchanger made of steel.

In a series of Wise buyers will find the equipment with capacity of 16 to 50 kW. The boilers are manufactured from the best quality Czech Viadrus cast iron. Heat exchangers are treated by specialized inhibitory composition that prevents corrosion and helps to extend the longevity of the equipment.

High quality European components and modern customization

In the Assembly of the new boiler equipment “lemax” are used high quality materials from Italian manufacturers:

• Polidoro burners are made of stainless steel and have the injection principle. They provide a smooth ignition of the boilers. Provides ionization probe, allowing to control the presence of the flame, which ensures operational safety of equipment;
• gas burners are equipped with automatic control 845 brand SIT. Devices of this manufacturer are proven to be easy to configure and reliable in operation equipment which operates stably even at low pressure.

Configuring and managing boilers run panel with LCD screen made in the front surface of the boiler. It provides easy access to regulatory elements, and clever menu structure allows you to quickly understand the settings even users without experience with similar equipment.

New boilers “lemax” is equipped with a self diagnostic system, which with the help of security sensors and control monitors and stores the settings of the device. In the case of an emergency situation, the system determines the type of fault and displays the corresponding error code on the LCD screen.

Flexible connectivity with peripheral devices

Gas boilers from series Wise and Clever support possibility of connection of diverse peripheral devices that further extend the functionality of the equipment and increase the convenience, safety in operation. In particular, these boilers can connect the following devices:

• remote control panel that will allow you to program the job and to specify the settings of the boiler with the remote control;
• the room thermostat, which automatically cuts off the gas burner when the indoor temperature reaches a predetermined level;
• replacing an outside temperature sensor that will adjust the level of heating of the heat carrier in the heating system given the temperature outside, adjusting the heating of the buildings depending on the current weather;
• sensor, using which the management of the indirect heating boiler. This will allow you to control the specified equipment by the appropriate fee;
• brand turbomachine “lemax”, which is intended for forced removal of combustion products;
• remote wireless control, working with software in the operating system iOS or Android.

Analyzing the opportunities of the new boiler equipment, it can be concluded that the company “lemaks” confidently holds the leading position among Russian manufacturers of boilers, offering users a reliable product that meets the high demands of modern consumers.