Что нужно знать при выборе газонокосилки?

If you do not mow the grass, the lawn is in danger of becoming in a field of weeds. Destroy the grass scythe is not to face the modern man, so the choice of lawn mower should have.

A variety of lawn mowers

Device for handling lawn differ in method of treatment, cost, and functionality. The main varieties of lawn mowers the following:

  • Trimmers. Represent a simple mechanism, which should be worn on the shoulder. Simply put it is a rod with a motor. Ideal for treatment of shrubs, bushes and places where the big mower can’t get. Treating a small area where it’s convenient with a trimmer, besides the cost is low enough.
  • Electric lawn mowers. Have wheels and a handle for control. Lawnmower need to roll, guiding in the right direction. Used electric motor, a striking example of this model of Bosch Rotak 32. There are self-propelled models, which are easier to manage.
  • Raiders. Have a place to carry the operator. In fact it is a mini-tractor, which is required for processing a large area.

Sometimes in the market you can find a lawn mower robot. The machine is not cheap, but allows its owner to do their business at a time when the device works and destroys the grass cover. Such models operate by battery and are quite expensive.

Electrical or gasoline

Two fundamentally different mechanisms, so you should choose depending on the operating conditions of the machine. Electric model is tied to the power supply and requires a constant connection to the network. There are more expensive models running on the battery, but they run out quickly, so it is better to prefer electric lawnmower that works via cable. The electrician will be convenient for treatment of small areas, which is not too removed from the network. Low power (2-3 kW) eliminates shock hazard.

Advantages of electric lawn mowers:

  • environmentally friendly;
  • the lack of emissions and pollution of the area;
  • efficiency in work.

Petrol lawn mower more convenient for processing large areas. Powerful and productive, however, pollutes the territory. Have a capacity of 3-5 HP Model features high performance, but works quite noisy and has an impressive weight. To fill a mower should be in a special place, otherwise accidental fuel spillage on the grass can form a bald spot.

The process of activating petrol lawn mowers there is a sharp jerk Definite plus is the presence of additional features, but this increases the price.

What to look for when choosing a lawnmower?

  • View of mowed grass. For the treatment of low grass near the house is a model of a low power, or even trimmer. If you plan to treat large areas such as field grass, you need a powerful model. In this case, it is appropriate to use a petrol lawnmower, a resource which will suffice for such conditions, besides, no other options here.
  • Countryside. For smooth surface suitable wheeled lawn mowers. For rough terrain it is better to give preference to the trimmers, which can be worn by themselves. To operate such a mower, you need to have good physical preparation, as a process rather tedious.
  • Area. For areas up to 3 acres is recommended to use the trimmer average power. For land 3-5 acres suitable wheeled lawnmower average power. For processing large squares, you should choose a petrol lawnmower is a high capacity or a raider.
  • If you do not plan to rake up the grass with a rake, it is advisable to purchase a lawn mower with a mulching function.
  • Giving preference to the model with discharge, see that its volume was at least enough for 30-40 minutes of work. Optimum collector volume 30-60 L.
  • When choosing a lawnmower it is better to pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the height of mowing. Not all models have this capability, but it is very effective, for example, when the knives need to be lifted over a rough surface.
  • Width mowing. The optimal rate of 45-55 cm lawn Mower with a small width of beveling (35 cm) will significantly reduce productivity.
  • Keep in mind the physical training. For people with sciatica and other diseases of the back to handle a lawnmower can be difficult.
    The market for lawn mowers huge. Today you can buy model 70 dollars, but for the quality of the goods you need to expect at least $ 150-200.

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