Кресло — обязательная деталь интерьера

Despite the rapid developments of our century, a person spends a lot of time in a sitting position. Office workers are forced to work all day at a computer, pupils and students — to engage in the classroom and at home. Even in free time people are still sitting, talking with friends, reading, playing computer games or just lounging in front of the TV. This lifestyle can adversely affect health, because from a long stay in one position tires of the spine, disturbed blood flow. Therefore, in every house, it is desirable to have furniture that allows you to sit comfortably without experiencing excessive load. This piece of furniture is the chair.

Кресло — обязательная деталь интерьера

Basic requirements for chairs

Any seat, regardless of purpose, must meet the complex requirements.

  • The convenience and functionality. Well, if the position of the back, armrests and seat can be adjusted — this will allow to transform the model to people with different height and proportions. Chairs with fixed elements should not be used to working at a Desk, they are more suitable for travelers.
  • Security. Design should be sustainable and able to withstand the weight of the person for whom intended. If the chair wheels are provided, their quality is confirmed by the smoothness and strength of materials.
  • Style. Matching upholstery and shapes of furniture around the interior, it is important for the aesthetic perception of space.

Кресло — обязательная деталь интерьера

Types of chairs: office, home, children

Furniture for home relaxation, a child’s room, workplace or negotiations may not be the same. In the office of the Director of the company will be absurd to look bright-hued colored chair on wheels, and child to see a massive structure, upholstered in natural leather. That is why you should focus on the purpose of the piece of furniture. Consider the main recommendations.

  • For office staff. Compact and user-friendly model a reliable connection with wheels, armrests and mechanisms of transformation.
  • For visitors to institutions and companies. Stationary variants with comfortable seats upholstered with materials resistant to external influences.
  • For the chiefs. The office of the head of the room, where important negotiations and deals are made. The interior should produce a positive impression on partners and customers, to be a hallmark. Therefore, the seat for the head is preferably made of genuine leather, special attention should be paid to the external appearance of the furniture. Presentable, convenience and quality are key components for a successful choice.
  • For the home. Depending on the overall situation and financial capabilities for the office in the apartment is allowed to buy and luxury chair and normal computer. To stay it is better to pay attention to a rocking chair that takes the shape of the model body bags or wide padded.
  • For a child. In childhood there is a formation of the spine, the health of which depends on the quality of life of an adult. Well-chosen children’s armchair with an adjustable back, legs pendulum, changing the height of the seat will help to relieve tension from the back and to form a correct posture. For children it is not desirable to choose the model with armrests. Design furniture should be like a child.

The company “Komus” offers ready-made furniture and chairs to order. On the website of the online store presents an extensive catalog where it’s easy to find reputable options for managers, child models with backs in the form of amusing animals and Pets soft chairs, inviting to relax with a book or Cup of coffee.

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