Какой забор для участка лучше: из дерева или профлиста?

You plan to build a sturdy fence around a suburban area and look for a suitable material? Assess your budget. If he is not great, but in terms of solid outer fence choices there are two options — profiled sheet and timber. Them and will compare.

Какой забор для участка лучше: из дерева или профлиста?

That economical?

Since the budget was originally standing by us in the first place, with this criterion and begin. Practice shows that installation of a fence of corrugated steel sheeting and wood costs about the same amount. But if we’re talking about one-time costs. Further wooden fence will require additional investment for repairs, restoration, processing of protective compounds, paint. So advantageous from the standpoint of the economy still shaped sheet.

What material is easier to care?

To care for a fence of corrugated Board is not required. A special method of dyeing ensures the preservation of decorative and protective coatings for several years. Metal not subject to corrosion, as the production on it is applied a layer of zinc.

Wood such advantages can not boast. It reacts to moisture, UV rays, fungus and mold. To reduce the negative impact of the use of special impregnation. After the installation of the design will have to make extra efforts to preserve it: to the coloring and impregnation with antiseptics, to replace the damaged fence, etc.

A few words about the appearance

Despite the fact that the producers are trying to make corrugated sheet original appearance, anything sensible did not go out as the difference between the leaves reduced to their thickness (4 mm — for temporary fencing, 5 mm for regular) and color. To make your site different from its neighbors only by using the Foundation or pillars of brick.

Wooden fences, on the contrary, leave room for imagination. Such designs easily transformirovalsya under the set mood and style and are perfectly combined with other materials: metal, stone, concrete. Checkerboard, fence, double fence are just a few examples from one of the producers of fences masterovit.ru. Plus material also, it is possible to adjust the closing level of the plot. Front part can be made deaf, and the side on the border with neighbours — openings.

Features installation

Wooden and metal fence installed in the same way. Initially set the posts or profiled tubes. They can drive into the soil or pour concrete. Then the pillars connecting the cross lags. Then to the rungs fastened canvas fence or profiled sheet. The difference in this parameter consists in that the sheet material is lightweight and standardized. Therefore, the installation of fencing his plot takes much less time.

Summary table of characteristics

Criterion sravnenitelno gradenator of protestedagainst.Yes.Overhaul peritremes painting every 1-2 years.Turnaround time — up to 10 years.Bhadrapada treatment with antiseptics from fungus and mold.Easy to clean without the use of special formulations.External videostation. There are many versions: checkerboard, fence, double fence.Aesthetic. Any color according to RAL catalogue. The addition of pillars of brick and metal.

To summarize

So we see that in terms of efficiency and durability with a limited budget come first fence of corrugated steel sheeting — for the price of the wooden structures you get the metal, able to stand up to 10 years without repair.

However, if you are looking for originality, the tree is clearly in the lead. Instead of the standard cloth you get a work of art that you can decorate according to the taste of the owner. So, aesthetes, we recommend the wood, and practices — sheet metal.

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