10 мифов о дизайнерах интерьеров

Today we would like to talk about interior designers and their work. Some people think that design is just to “play” with the fabrics and furniture. But others believe that design is what is shown in television. The designer a lot of responsibilities that are behind the scenes of their core business. Maria Borovskaya, head of interior design Studio, will try to dispel these myths.

10 мифов о дизайнерах интерьеров

Myth 1. Interior design — female profession

There are many stereotypes, but the most important is that design is a predominantly female profession.

10 мифов о дизайнерах интерьеров

It is obvious that an interior designer can be of either sex, the main thing is his ability and skill. Men are more constructive, systematic and cautious in design and women’s design is distinguished by the abundance of cozy features and stylish details. But as you know, the taste and color of comrades there, so choose a designer based on gender — the most thankless job.

10 мифов о дизайнерах интерьеров

Myth 2. Designers — just put items

Most of the work of designers is to make the interior functional, safe and beautiful. They don’t just “play” with fabrics, color, paint and decorative elements, and define space requirements, doing mockups, creating drawings for builders and skillfully operate on construction norms and rules.

If you work with a professional designer, you can be sure that it does so much more than just pick the opposite color on the color wheel.

10 мифов о дизайнерах интерьеров

Myth 3. Interior design is a luxury

Most people assume interior design is only available for the wealthy. This is the main misconception that stops a person to pick up the phone and call a designer to help.

Everyone should know: the designers will work within your budget. If you want to help with the design of one room or choosing a wall color, the majority of designers is ready to give advice or a one-time consultation, sometimes even for free. Pick up the phone and just ask if designer to take on a small project and budget. Believe me, in the end you will save time and money!

10 мифов о дизайнерах интерьеров

Myth 4. Designers are too creative

We understand how there was this myth — thanks to television. Today there are many designer shows that highlight unusual design concept to get the highest ratings.

Unfortunately, this may stop some people to ask for help to designers. But, believe me, designers are the same people who think the ergonomics, functionality and never ask you to put the sofa on the ceiling for WOW-effect. The first thing the designer receives from a customer a detailed specification, which describes everything your taste and color preferences. Do your designer will not be exact.

10 мифов о дизайнерах интерьеров

Myth 5. The designer is omniscient

While most designers certainly know a lot more than any client, you should not be sure that he is psychic. As a customer, you should be clear in your desires, needs and budget constraints.

The designer can give you what you discussed with him for an interview. So do not hide anything. Of course, many designers would like to have a project when a client will say to him: “Do what you want”. But then it will be a house designer, not yours. Therefore they are related to the assignment very seriously!

10 мифов о дизайнерах интерьеров

Myth 6. Designers — the perfect home

Many believe that designers are the most stylish and beautiful home. But the funny thing is that many of us are too busy with work, leaving little time for their own household needs.

Of course, designers know all the suppliers and know about all the promotions and discounts that provides the opportunity to design your dream home, but unfortunately, things are not quite right. Most designers leave time only in the last turn.

10 мифов о дизайнерах интерьеров

Myth 7. I can do it myself

This is very misleading of customers. Many believe that they have a perfect taste, perfect understanding of form, functionality and color that will allow them to develop a full-fledged design project. While, in fact, you can have an idea of what you want to, but only a designer can often give it to you.

Moreover, working with the designer frees you from the headache and save on materials, because designers have access to showrooms, which are a regular customer sometimes even not allowed. In addition, these parlors are often discounted for designers, this discount designer easy to give you.

10 мифов о дизайнерах интерьеров

Myth 8. The designers do not understand my taste

A good designer would never allow themselves to put their own tastes in the first place, or in any way affect the taste of the client. Before beginning any project designer long talks with the client and discovers all the wants and needs. Only after clear terms of reference created and approved, the designer begins to create your space. Yes, it is your space. In the end, the design should clearly demonstrate who you are.

10 мифов о дизайнерах интерьеров

Myth 9. My humble house is not a worthy design

Every home deserves great design, no matter how small or large. And, as we mentioned above, the design can be accessible to everyone, and even with small budgets designer will create a well-designed house.

Regardless of size, your home should be your fortress. Find affordable designer who is able to work within your budget and turn your humble little space in the room that you will be proud to call HOME!

10 мифов о дизайнерах интерьеров

Myth 10. The designer will create a space suitable for life

As we mentioned above, the designers don’t want the client received a sterile space, as on the cover of a magazine, where everyone is afraid to sit down, not to mention to live.

Before you make a decision with whom to work, don’t forget to ask the designer photos of past projects and to fully Express their needs in the specification.

As you can see, the interior designer can transform almost any space into a cozy home for a beautiful life. The work of designer can grow into myths, but they are divided about their professionalism, skill and experience. Trust the designers and choose the best!

Thank you for advice and illustration designer Mary Borovoe.

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