Приглашаем на Весенний праздник ремонта и дизайна 26 мая

Preparing for repair or building a house? Looking for smart, modern solutions? Want to keep up with the times, but keep your “I” in the interior? At the exhibition you can learn a lot of useful things, to communicate with specialists, to define the layout of your home, utilities, design and other important aspects.

Приглашаем на Весенний праздник ремонта и дизайна 26 мая

May 26 in the center of the “EXPOSTROY” exhibition will be held dedicated to the design, maintenance and construction. Pavilion No. 1 will be presented kitchens, furniture, lighting and design projects that will bring a lot of fresh ideas home improvement. In addition, the whole day architects and designers will conduct free seminars and workshops.

Приглашаем на Весенний праздник ремонта и дизайна 26 мая


The Category Of “Repair”:

• 12:00-13:00 — workshop “Stages and budgeting repairs. Arrange in order”;

• 13:30-14:30 — seminar: “selecting a team building correctly. Experienced advice”;

• 15:00-16:00 — workshop “Save the square. The most successful planning solutions and life hacks for small apartments”;

• 16:30-17:30 — workshop “remodelling of the apartment. What can and cannot be transferred”.

Section “Design”:

• 12:00-13:00 — workshop “Building a country house: the stages and process of renovation from A to Z. a Brief educational program and tips Builder”;

• 13:30-14:30 — workshop “Engineering services in suburban homes. 10 fatal mistakes made by inexperienced owners”;

• 15:00-16:00 — workshop “Landscape design. The basic requirements for the design of the suburban area”;

• 16:30-17:30 — workshop and design tour “Convenient kitchen. The basics of ergonomics and choice of kitchen units. The workshop and design tour”.

Section “Creativity”:

• 12:00-14:00 — practical workshop “Create the perfect interior with collages and mudbone. A European perspective”;

• 14:30-16:30 — master class of floristry “Learning to create small floral arrangements”.

Приглашаем на Весенний праздник ремонта и дизайна 26 мая

Also planned for the exhibition contests, raffle prizes (17:30-18:30), and children’s activities.

Special guest — the designer and the resident of the project “Repair School” on TNT, Sergey Tregubov!

To learn more and register here: https://archdialog.timepad.ru/event/673111/