В «Сервис Замков» рассказали об опасностях типовых замков в новых домах

Every year in the segment of newly built properties in the capital region seems to several tens of objects.

These apartments are in particular demand, including due to the characteristic advantages. One of them is an attractive price. However, many square meters of property owners do not think the expense which saves the developer is offering its apartments at a bargain for a buyer cost.

As noted in one of the largest services on opening and replacing of locking mechanisms in Moscow “Service Locks”, often developers skimp on the safety of their customers. And do not hide it. For example, apartments for rent with cheap standard doors and locks that do not stand up to scrutiny.

Why apartments in new buildings opened so often?

Primarily affects the poor quality of the door leaf and mechanisms of Chinese cylinder locks. To open them in seconds, without attracting the attention of possible witnesses and with the minimum of tools.

Second, many castles of the model. This means that in addition to low reliability, they can also “boast” almost zero privacy. In practice, this means that your keys can go to the doors of your neighbors and Vice versa. And so around the house.

Finally, the buildings themselves look dainty pieces in the eyes of cyber criminals, who can be not only as inveterate thieves, but even employees of repair crews or the staff developer.

The new masters of real estate often deliver on their square footage of valuable items and materials, and do not call for weeks. Neighbors don’t know each other and are unable to raise the alarm in case of detection of illegal acts. In other words, the lock can be open, and no one will know until after a long time, the apartment is not visited by its owners.

What do you do to the lock is not opened?

In “Service Locks” suggest to change the door lock that go in the “kit” with the flat from the Builder, even if you are not going to live in it. If you buy a new good door seems overlay, is acceptable as a temporary measure to replace just the lock or “larva”.

As noted by the service staff, they are all day ready to go to any address and solve any problems. As a rule, and emergency opening locks of doors and subsequent replacement take more than an hour of time and call emergency personnel arrive within 20-30 minutes.