Vyacheslav Kovtun, wife

		Ковтун Вячеслав, жена

Russian audience is well-known Vyacheslav Kovtun, who calls himself a political scientist and expert on Ukraine, who, with enviable regularity appear in various television political shows. And this spring, he became the hero of the project “New Russian sensations”, in which the wife of Vyacheslav Kovtun Julia, lived with him, married twenty-seven years, the whole country talked about the fact that her husband constantly cheated on and raised her hand.

Wife Ukrainian scientist said that he beat not only her, but her mom and their daughter Lisa.

Such a hopeless family life Yulia and Slava was not from twelve years they lived in perfect harmony, and then family relationships have changed dramatically.

		Ковтун Вячеслав, жена

On the photo: Vyacheslav Kovtun with his wife

Julia by any means sought to keep the family together, and for that endured abuse and beatings and even took statements filed with the police after another beating. Three children Vyacheslav Kovtun every time witness the scandals between parents, and it is also concerned about the wife of a scientist.

		Ковтун Вячеслав, жена

Yulia Kovtun

Julia said that for several years in his personal life, Vyacheslav Kovtun got another woman, but for the sake of the children, she turn a blind eye.

In addition, she accused her husband that he did not care about the family, and when the house had nothing to eat, went to all sorts of receptions, not thinking about what is, it is necessary not only to him but to the children.

A brief biography of Vyacheslav Kovtun

Kovtun was born in the Kyrgyz village of Karakul in may 1968. After moving to Kiev, Vyacheslav Nikolaevich entered the faculty of history of the University. Taras Shevchenko, and then in graduate school.

		Ковтун Вячеслав, жена

On the photo: Vyacheslav Nikolaevich Kovtun

After finishing graduate school, Institute for national relations and political science of the NAS of Ukraine, during his studies where he met some political scientists Pro-Western wing, Vyacheslav Kovtun decided to go into power and for nearly eighteen years, worked as an assistant to various MPs.

		Ковтун Вячеслав, жена

A key event in the political biography of Vyacheslav Kovtun became the organization and conducting of the first Congress of the Assembly of the North Atlantic Treaty.

		Ковтун Вячеслав, жена

Then he joined the ranks of the Liberal party, he twice ran for Parliament, but his attempts were unsuccessful.

		Ковтун Вячеслав, жена

However, during the work in the party he has acquired the skills of a good speaker, learned how to convince opponents of the correctness, what in the future would help him in a television career.

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