Conor McGregor: his wife, children

		Конор Макгрегор: жена, дети

He is one of the most visible and discussed of soldiers, acting under the auspices of the UFC, and the world’s first champion of this organization, won the title in two weight classes. He is known not only for his outstanding abilities, but scandalous escapades – Conor do not miss the opportunity before the fight to empty the opponent all the dirt, insult and humiliate him, and it’s way more expensive to sell itself, and to draw attention to his own person.

He has ambitious plans and is enjoying his fame.

		Конор Макгрегор: жена, дети

The civil wife of Conor McGregor took him all the way to the formation of him as a champion, and the fighter calls her the girl that he owed all.

“Di was there and believed in me in the most difficult moments, so that made now, must first of all her,” says McGregor.

Dee Devlin always believed in Conor, even when they had to live on his unemployment benefits in a rented apartment.

		Конор Макгрегор: жена, дети

Photo: Conor McGregor with his wife

At the beginning of their life together McGregor was a little-known fighter, and Dee had to work to provide for their young family, and for the support Conor she is eternally grateful.

		Конор Макгрегор: жена, дети

The love story of Conor McGregor and DJ Devin started in one of the Irish night clubs where a novice fighter drew attention to a pretty girl.

		Конор Макгрегор: жена, дети

They immediately liked each other, and Dee especially liked the sense of humor her new friend. They started Dating and then moved in together.

Di Devin liked the tenacity with which Conor is training, and she believed that such a determined and hard-working guy has a lot to achieve in business, who decided to dedicate his biography.

		Конор Макгрегор: жена, дети

And now, when the couple for ten years together, Dee continues to be as devoted and selfless woman that was at the beginning of their family life.

“Every day since, when I started in this sport, she supported me. She took me to the gym and listened to all my dreams. Dee saved my life. I’m sure I would not have achieved all if not for her. I’m doing all this for her,” said Conor in one of his interviews.

Now McGregor is one of the highest paid UFC fighters and can in anything does not deny, and in the beginning of career they D almost had no money, and even had to train in the winter in a cold gym, and about to become a UFC fighter, Conor even dream did not dare.

		Конор Макгрегор: жена, дети

Photo: two belts McGregor

Di Devin and then was for him the most loyal support, she was making him special food so he can lose weight, have Packed and fully respect all life.

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