Роман Полянский: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Biography of Roman Polanski began not very long, but he has already managed to gain popularity and many fans. However, girls should not have empty hopes – personal life of the actor already arranged, and the wife of Roman Polanski not only his faithful companion, but a colleague.

Personal life

Natural modesty and the view that the personal life of any person is not a subject for discussion by outsiders, not allow the Novel to tell what is happening in his family to reporters, and that the actor’s wife is in full agreement with him.

		Роман Полянский: жена и дети, личная жизнь

They met while studying theatre in University, and since then, Daria Juli is an integral part of the personal life of Roman Polanski. To get the attention of Dasha’s Novel had to exert a lot of effort – July was a serious girl, responsible attitude to learning and to relationships with young people.

		Роман Полянский: жена и дети, личная жизнь

In the photo: Roman Polanski with his wife

To invoke the favor of a cute blonde Polanski devoted to her poetry and even learned to cook. The wedding took place after graduation, when we became independent people.

		Роман Полянский: жена и дети, личная жизнь

On the photo: wife and daughter

Now the family of the Novel, he not only Daria, but also their daughter Martha, born three years after marriage.

		Роман Полянский: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Couple dreams that Martha is not the last child of Roman Polanski and hope that she will soon have a brother or sister.

		Роман Полянский: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Even though Roman loves his job, wife and daughter always remains for him in the first place. He grew up in a close-knit family, where everyone with respect and love to each other, so these values he tried to move and his family.

		Роман Полянский: жена и дети, личная жизнь

In the movie “Mommy”

The wife of Roman Polanski got used to the fact that her husband has many female fans and never doubted his faithfulness. The fact that both husband and wife actors helps them to better understand each other and avoid conflicts.

		Роман Полянский: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Now, the personal lives of Roman Polanski develops happily, therefore, returning home with heavy shooting or after rehearsals, he is always convinced that his house is waiting for a faithful loving wife and young daughter.

		Роман Полянский: жена и дети, личная жизнь

In the photo: Roman Polanski in the film “These eyes opposite”

Daria was a wonderful hostess and a wise wife, conscientiously perform their duties, supporting and respecting your husband, so the novel can be proud of their reliable rear.

Despite the heavy workload, Polanski tries to pay as much attention to his family and loves to play with the younger daughter, who tries to instill the skills that he has and wants.

		Роман Полянский: жена и дети, личная жизнь

“Freud’s Method”

Daria July not only an actress, but also a teacher that works with children in the school-Studio, made by her and her colleagues in the theater. She loves to play with kids, so the appearance and other children of Roman Polanski’s acting in this family is only a matter of time.

A short biography of the artist

Roman was born in Omsk in November eighty-third year, and since childhood his life was tied to art. His parents, the people whose whole life was connected with sports, seeing in the son’s creative inclinations, sent him to music school to learn to play the clarinet.

		Роман Полянский: жена и дети, личная жизнь

In the movie “Anyutino happiness”

In those years, Roman Polanski was sure that his biography in the future will be connected with music, so after high school he entered the Omsk College of music.

		Роман Полянский: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Roman Polanski in the movie “Nice me”

In the second year he began studying at the Studio theatre, and then he had a new dream – to become an actor. Attempt to become a student of theatrical high school was a success, and Polanski has successfully passed the entrance test in two of them and chose the Schepkin drama school, after which he was accepted into the troupe Theater. Vakhtangov, which debuted in the years of study he participated in performances of “White acacia”, “Macbeth”, “Dance and sing”.

		Роман Полянский: жена и дети, личная жизнь

On Teatralnoy stage

Years of study have become one of the best memories in the life of an actor, got to friendly and talented course. The whole season the novel went on stage Vakhtangov theater, creating in that time a lot of interesting images in classical and contemporary productions, and then at the invitation of the Roman Viktyuk has passed in his company.

		Роман Полянский: жена и дети, личная жизнь

“Dolly the sheep was angry and died early”

This event was a significant milestone in the biography of the actor, considering. one of the most outstanding Directors of our time.

“He is one of those Directors who have changed the theatre of the XX century. Roman very much came out of me, and I’m incredibly grateful for that. He’s cool, he’s awesome, he’s awesome,” says Roman.

In Viktyuk theater Polanski was involved in performances of “Romeo and Juliet” and “Ferdinando”, and then the novel went to the entreprise.

		Роман Полянский: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Photo: Polanski in the play “Ferdinando”

The debut film was also the actor in his student years – Polyanskiy took part in films and serials, appearing in small roles, and immediately after graduation he was invited by the film Director Helena Silent in his military drama “I’ll be back” for the lead role.

“This is my school movie. I’ve had great partners, Director, cinematographer and all the crew that helped me. This painting remains one of the most expensive in my career,” says the actor.

Despite the fact that the first role of the Novel was very young, he remembered the audience, and following his work only reinforced the popularity of the talented actor.

		Роман Полянский: жена и дети, личная жизнь

“I will return”

His demand among Directors was and remains high – Polyanskiy involved in several projects per year. To each his role, the actor is very responsible and tries to learn as much as possible about the period in which events unfold, so all the images he created on screen, get deep and expressive.

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