Екатерина Максимова: причина смерти

The cause of death of Ekaterina Maximova, a famous Soviet and Russian ballerina, people’s artist of the USSR and laureate of the State prize of the USSR, worried and still continues to excite many indifferent to her. For millions of lovers of this shy, reserved and modest in communicating a petite woman will forever remain a prominent figure, magnitude, whose name is linked to a stage of development of Russian ballet.

Maximova made a huge contribution to the development of ballet and its creative Duo with her husband – a wonderful dancer, Vladimir Vasiliev, was one of the most famous on the world stage. Ballet, she devoted half a century of creative activity, being an outstanding artist and then a talented teacher.

		Екатерина Максимова: причина смерти

On the photo: Ekaterina Maximova and her husband Vladimir Vasiliev

She received her first high award in 1957, as a student of the Moscow choreographic school and it was the gold medal of all-Union ballet competition in Moscow. This award is only the beginning of a long list of others, among which only the state prize was four.

After graduation, Maximov was accepted into the ballet troupe of the Bolshoi theatre, where a young ballerina has been working under the guidance of a teacher-tutor Galina Ulanova.

She had not only honed dance technique, but also an amazing dramatic talent, and in the beginning managed to conquer the Americans, when she went on tour to the Bolshoi theatre in America.

Over the years, Maksimov had been in the United States, Canada, Denmark, Finland. Norway, Austria, many European countries. She shone on stage, “Metropolitan Opera” in new York, Covent garden in London, the “Grand Opera” in Paris, La Scala in Milan, the “colon” in Buenos Aires.

		Екатерина Максимова: причина смерти

Ekaterina had the determination and character of a real fighter. She was able to fully recover after heavy, as told by the doctors is hopeless for ballerina spinal injury and continue to dance. In the late 70-ies they Vasiliev played in renowned international bands: “English national ballet” and theatre “San-Carlo”, “the Marseilles ballet” and “Ballet of the twentieth century” by M. Bejart. Sophisticated foreign audience loved it.

		Екатерина Максимова: причина смерти

Ekaterina Maximova

Under the careful guardianship of Maksimova “grown” a whole galaxy of artists of the Russian ballet.

Marriage Maximova and Vasiliev also became a legend: they lived in a family and a creative Union of almost 50 years, met as teenagers, and for many was a symbol of eternal love and devotion. In making the film – ballet “Galatea”, “Anyuta”, “the Old tango”, “La Traviata”, F. Zeffirelli, etc., documenting skills Maximova, Vasiliev took an active part as a Director, choreographer and dancer.

		Екатерина Максимова: причина смерти

Tomb Of Ekaterina Maximova

In April 2009, the famed dancer died on 71 year of life, in the dream, and it’s found on the morning of her 94-year-old mother. Vasiliev at this time was in Naples. To the question what did he die of Ekaterina Maximova, the doctors gave a clear, comprehensive answer: heart failure.