Volochkova showed wounded rehearsals legs

Волочкова показала израненные репетициями ноги

The dancer told fans what she’s worth everyday splits.

About stretching ballerina already legends. The captain almost sank the ship because of the Nasty splits in the stern, itself Volochkova chandeliers in restaurants kicking beats. But as it turned out, the famous star of the twines are not so easy.

Recently Volochkova posted a photo of a wounded rehearsing for the feet.

“And here are my feet after rehearsals… Put a bone on his right leg to the Pointe. I treasure these calluses! Oddly enough, even can not imagine! This is the result of enormous labor daily to make people happy. But my corns stuck on the feet is much prettier than corn on the tongues of those who insult and gloat of people to work on Pointe and not under force,” wrote the star.

Fans of Nastya supported.

“You’re very clever!”, “You’re my ideal”, “Continue to delight people and do not listen to anyone” – they wrote.

By the way, Nastya is not the first time fails. A couple of months ago, unable to discuss another microbikini, called all the “scary”. It is possible that the changes in the mood of ballerina associated with heavy loads at work. Nastya is involved in the play and preparing for the new touring tour.