The ex-wife Prokhor Chaliapin was in intensive care

Экс-жена Прохора Шаляпина попала в реанимацию

61-year-old businesswoman Larissa Kopenkina had a surgery.

The wedding with Prokhor Chaliapin instantly turned Larisa Kopenkina in star. For her life only Instagram following of almost 50 thousand people, it conducts the transmission and are thinking about starting a club male strippers. Daleiden plans, the business lady was not even disturbed by the divorce with the young artist. It seems that fans fell in love with her over cheerfulness, the absence of complexes and smiles. Not discouraged Larisa and being in intensive care.

Recall that health problems have Kopenkina began after the accident. Doctors still conjure her badly injured hand. Now on hand Kopenkina flaunts plaster.

“That kind of ethereal and weird I after anesthesia and intensive care, and here-you realize that life is unpredictable and surprising”, signed ex-wife Chaliapin pictures from the hospital.

And asked the fans to learn to enjoy every minute of it.

“We often look for happiness!.. And it wakes up every morning with us – we have eyes, we can hear, speak and walk, have hands and feet, but we got used to it and not notice it… While the person is alive and healthy at the same time, it can change everything for the better! Learn to enjoy small, and you will have no reason to be sad, share the warmth and goodness, and you won’t be alone, be generous with emotions, and then the world will sparkle with colors of the rainbow! Change your thoughts and mood creation! Just allow yourself to be happy and cherish those close to you and who cherishes you! Not razmenivayas and don’t go through the change!!! Amazing and joyful all weekends”, – said Larisa.