Mariah Carey has revealed the foods that help to lose weight

Мэрайя Кэри раскрыла продукты, которые помогают худеть

Only two products help 46-year-old star to be in shape!

Mariah Carey never wanted to the cherished 90-60-90, but nevertheless the title of the sexiest singer received many times!

Its delicious forms, a 46-year-old star loves to show with the help of Frank and slinky outfits.

Nevertheless, the audience watched at least 4 times the star lost weight and fat. After the birth of twins, the singer gained a fair weight, but Carey was working on her figure, seven days a week, spending in the gym at least two hours a day.

After breaking up with her fiance the star decided once again to take myself in hand and start a diet.

“My diet can hate. Every day eat Norwegian salmon and capers. It’s really hard. Seriously, I try to stick to protein diet. She’s the worst, but most effective,” – said Mariah portal Enews.

By the way, in spite of a difficult divorce, a fight with billionaire James Parker Carey suffered quietly. And the reason for the disorder was a extravagance of the singer!

Supposedly James was very embarrassed by her reality show and the overwhelming desire to put my personal life in minute detail. It turns out that billionaires, like happiness, love peace.