Том Хиддлстон рассказал правду о романе с Тейлор Свифт

Unexpected novel of last year was the novel of Tom Hiddleston and Taylor swift. American country singer-turned pop singer and the British actor, sometimes starred in American blockbusters – it would seem that between them can be shared. Nevertheless, the stars found common ground and began a relationship.

A novel by Tom Taylor and developed rapidly. Hiddleston even managed to introduce a new darling of the family. And then everything collapsed. At some point, the singer and actor realized that is not can be together, and parted, as if she had never met.

Then, Internet users accused the couple of fraud. Supposedly they had an affair for PR and attracting the attention of fans (that they made). But Tom and Taylor did not comment on these gossips.

Today, six months later, after breaking up with swift, Hiddleston decided to tell the truth.

The star of “the Avengers” admitted that Taylor was real. “Taylor is an amazing woman. She is kind, generous and sweet, and we spent together a wonderful time,” says 36-year-old Hiddleston. “We both wanted something real… Then we went to lunch and then decided to go somewhere together. She’s incredible.”