John legend goes on tour with a 10-month-old daughter

Джон Ледженд отправляется в гастрольный тур с 10-месячной дочкой

After a lot of trial and attempt to have a child in the past year, the couple John legend and Chrissy Teigen finally became parents for the first time. The couple had a daughter Luna. The baby grows and develops, and the parents actively promote it. John and Chrissy try to spend more time with the child, enjoy every minute with her.

But to live on something also need. Soon, the legend goes on tour. The musician will take the world tour “Darkness and Light”.

Separation from their child singer is not because he couldn’t come up with anything more original how to take 10-month-old baby on tour. “The great thing about this round – what with me going is my family. This will be the first tour of the moon! She will be there, so I don’t have to spend a lot of time away from family. This is the subtitle of the tour: “Darkness And Light: the First tour of the moon”“, joked John.

How it is a good idea, hard to say. I hope the baby’s mother will do everything possible to make her feel comfortable and protected.

We will remind, not so long ago, Chrissy told me that she and John are preparing for the birth of the second child. Teigen did not hide that their daughter was conceived through IVF and now they have “not used” one embryo was a boy.

When Chrissie and John are planning to get pregnant, they are not recognized.

Probably, the pair will wait until the moon turns at least 1 year.