Том Хиддлстон заявил о дружбе с Тэйлор Свифт

Friends, and there is nothing to invent. British actor Tom Hiddleston said about friendship with singer Taylor swift, with whom he recently tied a romantic relationship. The fact that they broke up, doesn’t mean they can’t be friends anymore. The actor, who predicted the roll of James bond, has admitted that he and the country singer are still friends.

“Yes, that’s right, we’re friends with Taylor” — he answered a direct question of the journalist of the edition People. The Briton visited the ceremony of the Emmy awards, which recently concluded in Los Angeles. Tom was nominated for Best actor, the actor appeared in high spirits, smiled easily took selfies with fans and simply glowed with pleasure.
Recall that from Taylor Tom broke up a few weeks ago after a three-month romance. As it turned out, excessive publicity and a high rate relations led not to an offer, as expected, but for the sudden breakup. Insiders claim that the initiator of the gap became Hiddleston. Taylor listened to the advice of a girlfriend Selena Gomez and engaged in creativity, instead of looking for a new strong shoulder to cry on.