Купить роллеты и не пожалеть. Раскрываем секреты качества

Quality is the main criterion for the selection of any system for the house, including roller blinds. What some shutters are recognized and in demand, while others appear in the “black list” of buyers? Let’s take a look the classic example of roller shutters “ALUTECH”.

It may seem that to compare the quality of roller shutters from different manufacturers will be able only a professional. In fact, to choose shutters that will please attractive appearance and functionality for many years, everyone can. Just pay attention to the main characteristics of roller shutter systems you want to compare.

Купить роллеты и не пожалеть. Раскрываем секреты качества

High strength

Conscientious manufacturers are opting for roller shutter profile ribbon of such thickness that allows it to withstand impact and wind loads, but some companies use the ribbon thickness 0,18-0,22 mm, whose characteristics resemble aluminum foil. The tape used for the production of roller shutter profiles ALUTECH series Classic, 30% thicker, so check they are much stronger than the shutters of the individual competitors.

Купить роллеты и не пожалеть. Раскрываем секреты качества

Additional strength they provide uniform, without cavities and voids, prozapadnaya. Due to its high quality roller shutters even better handle the load and do not deform during installation and operation.

The combination of these properties confers shutters ALUTECH good wind resistance: they will be able to protect Windows and doors, even if the wind speed will be more than 20-24 m/s.

Купить роллеты и не пожалеть. Раскрываем секреты качества

You just have to know what kind of wind load rollers will encounter when used in your region and pick a suitable profile.


Roller shutters “ALUTECH” will stand not only before a strong wind, but also to the robbers. Thanks to the reliable equipment they can be assigned to one of the classes of resistance to burglary — P3, P4, P5. With such protection are not in danger your property and personal safety.

Купить роллеты и не пожалеть. Раскрываем секреты качества

Cheap products are usually provided with guide rails with a thinner wall. In some cases the walls of the tires can be so subtle that an attacker will be able to bend their hands.

Energy efficiency

Quality roller shutters provide a high resistance to heat transfer. As a result, in cold weather, the more heat is delayed, and the cost of heating, on the contrary, become less.

Купить роллеты и не пожалеть. Раскрываем секреты качества

Roller shutters “ALUTECH” as confirmed by the results of tests carried out in Germany at the international Institute of window technologies ift Rosenheim, meet the requirements for thermal insulation specified in GOST, but also exceed them: as a result, the heat loss through the Windows reduced by more than 30%.

Summer savings continues: dropping of roller shutters, you can limit the flow of heat into the room, and to lower the temperature in the house. Therefore, you are unlikely to need to turn the air conditioner on high power.

Купить роллеты и не пожалеть. Раскрываем секреты качества

The attractiveness for years to come

Some manufacturers applied to the roller shutter profiles are only one layer of paint. In this case, the thickness of the coating of roller shutter profiles from different batches can vary significantly. In practice the use of profiles with different thickness of coating in one cloth can lead to the effect, “Zebra”: variation in colour of the canvas will be visible to the naked eye.

Купить роллеты и не пожалеть. Раскрываем секреты качества

For high-quality products, this also is unacceptable. On shutters ALUTECH paint applied in two layers. Thus the manufacturer is continuously monitoring its quality at all stages of production.

High quality paint coating provides a resistance of roller shutters “ALUTECH” to abrasion and scratches, detergents, alkalis and vapours of solvents.

Moreover, while in the camera “salt mist”, it retains an aesthetic appearance for at least 1000 hours. Therefore, roller shutter systems ALUTECH thrive in the wet climate of coastal regions.

Corrosion resistance and durability of the coating is confirmed not only by the main roller according to the standard GOST R 52502-2012, but the test reports BASF and prestigious Swiss certificate Qualicoat/Seaside.

All these characteristics contribute to the fact that every year millions of roller shutters “ALUTECH” are installed not only in Russia but also in more than 65 other countries around the world.

Thus, observing the requirements of the standards, the company ALUTECH gets the opportunity to speak with customers in the universal language of quality, offering a safe and durable product, which brings only benefits and pleasure.

To learn more about offer the manufacturer and find the nearest regional representative of ALUTECH in the territory of the Russian Federation on the website of the Group of companies.

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