Оригинальные картины силуэты своими руками

Want to decorate the interior of the original paintings, but can not boast the talent of the artist? Then you can paint silhouettes that almost everyone. Thanks to the use of templates, you don’t have to particularly worry about clean lines and precision shapes.

Оригинальные картины силуэты своими руками

Material and tools to create paintings of silhouettes:

  • acrylic paint of different colors
  • waxed paper (preferably semi-transparent) or thick film
  • a box cutter or scalpel
  • black marker
  • brushes for drawing
  • a thin plate or thick cardboard for the bases of paintings
  • paper
  • the images of the objects contours you want to portray
  • photo

How to make a original picture of silhouettes with their hands

On the printer print out the images of the objects that you want to portray. Their silhouettes should be simple and recognizable.

Оригинальные картины силуэты своими руками

Tip: for the same technology, you can make a silhouette picture of your child or loved one. Photos for this must be done in profile.

The image dimensions should match the dimensions of the frames and completely they fit.

Trace the outlines of objects on the printed image with a thick black marker. Then transfer the image onto wax paper or a thick film.

Make a stencil by cutting out the silhouette caused by the markup.

Place the stencil in the center of a sheet of paper or painted in the desired colour plates. Secure it using masking tape.

Оригинальные картины силуэты своими руками

Note: for the manufacture of stencil you can use a thick film or adhesive.

Now we have to paint over the surface, not covered by the stencil. At this stage, can not hold back, and use any technique to combine the direction and width of strokes to experiment with colors.

Оригинальные картины силуэты своими руками

Let the paint dry for a few minutes, and then remove the stencil.

Tip: to give the outline of the silhouette were clear, the stencil is preferably removed, not allowing the paint to dry completely.

Leave the painting to the complete drying of the paint.

Painting silhouette ready. It remained only to frame and hang on the wall.

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