Отопление загородного дома

To the question “what is cheaper to heat a country house” most people will answer — of course, gas. And you’d be right. Compared to electricity, wood or oil gas remains the most economical fuel in our country. Recently, however, a host of new heating systems, as well as materials-insulators, which can significantly save energy and make costs comparable with gas.

Отопление загородного дома

So, let’s talk about alternative ways of heating. For example, one of the novelties in this field, infrared heating system, which is an infrared heating pad or tape. The panel is attached to the ceiling, the film goes on floors or walls. Plus this system is that it is not necessary to lay pipes and install the boiler. Heat transfer occurs in the form of infrared radiation, which warms the air and all surfaces in the house — furniture, walls, dishes, and living organisms. Because of this the air is not dried.

Another option — air heating system. The benefits include full security (unlike gas), high speed of heating and efficiency. The principle of the system is simple — water is not heated, and the air that the fan is distributed through the pipes and exits through vents in the floor. The system includes filters that clean the air from dust.

Another progressive method is the use of solar panels. Although solar energy to heat your home, free of charge, but the batteries themselves are very expensive, so this option is suitable only for those homeowners who live in Sunny regions. But even in this case, “solar equipment” will be repaid only after 10-12 years.

In addition, you can significantly reduce the flow of heat, if you insulate the floor, walls and roof with appropriate materials. Heaters exist in the form of rolls, for example, polyester fibers, mineral or glass wool. Or in the form of a foam when a polyurethane foam, penoizol, cellulose wool, foam or any other insulation material is deposited on the surface and then freezes. Insulation not only helps to save expenses on heating to 50%, but also protect the house from corrosion, moisture, etc.

Whatever heating system you decide to install, in any case, you are waiting for certain financial costs. If available funds are insufficient, you can take to the Bank small cash loan without income certificate. The shorter the loan period, for example two years, the lower will be the interest. The main thing — not to postpone the solution of this issue, as home heating in Russia is of paramount importance.

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