Трижды мама?! Лейсан Утяшева намекнула на беременность

Famous Russian gymnast hinted at his interesting position on his page in Instagram.

Just yesterday, fans have discussed that the popular Russian singer Natalia Podolskaya possibly preparing for a second time become a mother, after she promised her father to give a lot of grandchildren. Today, careful users of social networks seemed suspicious hashtag famous gymnast and TV presenter Laysan Utyasheva.

Spouse Paul Will have posted photos from a spring walk, in the picture the mother of two children wistfully looking at the sky, the caption of the photo Laysan have left, but the hashtag #desensibilisation and #baby, it seems, alludes to the replenishment in star family.

Recall that Laysan utiasheva and Pavel Volya were married in September 2012. In may 2013 they had a son Robert, 6 may 2015 – daughter Sofia.

Laysan successful TV presenter, her career in televidenii rapidly going up the hill. However, no matter what, she primarily caring wife and mother, who are ready at any moment to drop everything for my children and husband.

Utiasheva believes that family is the most important thing in life, and if the husband asks her to retire, she will. Moreover, celebrity is always ready to change and activity, as it once did for her mother Zulfiya.

“You know, I once offered my mom to be my Director. It opened: “I never did!” But I said, “Nothing! Learn!“ Wanted exactly she was doing – admitted Laysan. — So, if a son or daughter at some point will decide, so I worked with them, or they just need my full attention, I’ll do that”.

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